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Aussie Broadband’s ADSL service gives you up to 20Mb/s of download speeds at home at an affordable price. With generous data allowances so you enjoy the internet the way you want to, our ADSL broadband service is a great choice for most Australian homes.

What is ADSL?

ADSL uses your existing phone line to your property, making it an easy service to setup and widely available in many areas of Australia.

Depending on your location, you could get either ADSL or ADSL2+

Our ADSL services come in two different types, depending on the infrastructure in your area:

  • Traditional ADSL

    Operating at up to 8Mb/s, our standard ADSL service connects your home with a great broadband service available nearly everywhere.

  • ADSL2+

    This second generation DSL service runs at up to 20Mb/s or three times faster than normal ADSL.

Choose from one of our cost-effective plans

ADSL comes in a wide range of data and pricing bundles, from the occasional home user through to the big downloaders:

Medium $45per monthContact us Everyday$55per monthContact us Most popularFamily$65per monthContact us Power User$85per monthContact us
Monthly Price $45 / month $55 / month $65 / month $85 / month
Monthly Data
50 GB 100 GB 500 GB 1,000 GB
Unit Cost of
1 GB Included
$0.90 / GB $0.55 / GB $0.13 / GB $0.085 / GB
Installation Fee
$110 / one off $110 / one off $110 / one off $110 / one off
No Cancellation
Total Min Price $155 $165 $175 $195
All ADSL plans include the following:
No Excess
Data Charges
Shaping Speed 256 Kb 256 Kb 256 Kb 256 Kb
Free Upgrade
to nbn™ Internet?
Home Phone Bundling
View Home Phone Bundles View Home Phone Bundles View Home Phone Bundles View Home Phone Bundles
7 days per week
local support
7 days per week
local support
7 days per week
local support
7 days per week
local support
5 email addresses
+spam / virus protection
5 email addresses
+spam / virus protection
5 email addresses
+spam / virus protection
5 email addresses
+spam / virus protection
20 MB 20 MB 20 MB 20 MB
Contact us Contact us Contact us Contact us

Please note that you will need a basic telephone as a prerequisite for this service, to see our fixed phone pricing click here.
Download a copy of the Critical Information Summary for this product.

Want to bundle your internet with a phone plan? View our ADSL Home Phone Bundles here.

Worried about going over your data limits? Don’t be. Click here to view our data packs.

All plans come with great features and inclusions:

  • Super fast connectivity

  • Always on so you can instantly use the internet whenever you like

  • 5 Email addresses and 20MB of webspace

  • Email virus and spam protection

  • 7 day per week support from local service technicians

  • No excess data charges your speed just slows down if you exceed your data cap

Plus you can bundle your ADSL connection with your home phone

At Aussie Broadband, we’ve got fantastic fixed home phone plans that’ll have you calling without worrying about the cost.

You can bundle your fixed phone with ADSL internet connection from just $30 extra which includes all local and national calls and has a huge range of features.

Phone bundling can be added during the online sign up process.

G’day Aussie Broadband, I’m writing to thank you for your service and the manner in which it was provided. Three days ago I couldn’t get online and after ringing your support staff and speaking with a very thoughful and considerate operator, my service was eventually restored. A new unit arrived today and I’m up and running – wonderful service. A big THANK YOU from a happy customer.

- Peter, Heyfield

I have dealt with Aussie Broadband a number of times in the past few months and would like to salute the technical support staff for their assistance and good humour in dealing with my enquiries. They deserve to be recognised and congratulated for a job well done.

- Janine, Churchill

I have been dealing with ISP's in IT for 10+ years now and Aussie Broadband is 100 miles ahead of anyone else when it comes to service and support. Keep it up guys.

- Richard,

nbn™ connection in a new estate where the major players couldn’t provide a service …..” go figure ” Home based operators who understand local conditions and issues. Also patient service as I am vision impaired. Well done and thank you.

- Wally, Ballarat

Called them to activate the service at 4pm, and got the Internet service activated at 5:15pm. That is super fast. The speed is good as well.

- Chris,

I have been with them for years, they may not be the cheapest but their service more than compensates for that. They are local employing locals, offer a great service and when you ring up for technical support your not placed on hold for ages. The service is fast and reliable

- Rob,

We have been customers of Aussie Broadband for several years now…and cannot speak highly enough of their customer service and technical service and support. Great speed and they employ local staff…no outsourcing… their should be more companies like this. If you are looking for an Australian owned and operated company look no further than Aussie Broadband!!!!!!

- Rebecca, Geelong

I have had issues with a number of ISP over time, I have none for how long I have been with aussie, it was the best move i ever made. I have try to find a better price 400gb and phone around $100 month, plus calls.

- Tim, Warrnambool

Questions about ADSL and if it’s right for you or need help finding a plan?

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Great news! Based upon your results, we recommend the below congestion-free nbn™ powered plan.

  • Speed

  • Data


  • Home Phone

    Everyday phone plan

  • Modem


Total monthly cost

$85/month with No Connection Fee

  • No Lock In Contract
  • No Hidden Charges
  • 100% Australian Support
  • Fast, Easy Setup
  • Congestion-Free Network
  • Australian Owned