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How to Choose A Business nbn™️ Plan

You’re probably wondering how to choose a business nbn™️ plan that will deliver leading results for your business. After all, the right nbn™ plan is every bit as critical as your phone systems or the business’ office space itself.

Finding the right business nbn™️ plan that suits your needs is important. You don’t want to be spending large amounts of money for something excessive to your needs, but you don’t want to leave yourself with too little to work with. There are three major considerations to make when looking for the right business nbn™️ plan for your needs:

  1. Choose your ISP carefully

    There are many ISPs offering business nbn™️ plans, but not all of them are equal, and finding the right ISP is that key first step. ISPs should be offering the following with their business nbn™️ plans:

    • Static IP addresses. One of the main differences between residential nbn™️ and small business nbn™️ plans is that the business nbn™️ plan will come with a static IP address. This is important for your business’ communications platform and internal network and is generally not a feature of residential nbn™️ plans.
    • Communications services. A good business nbn™️ plan will also come with optional services, such as a hosted PBX. This is an incredibly useful feature for businesses as it allows them to outsource the expensive management of their PBX and phone systems to their ISP for a low addition to the monthly Internet bill.
    • Enhanced support. Residential nbn™️ plans have what is called a “best effort” level of support – the ISP will be responsive and support will address issues on a ticket-based system, but for businesses even an hour of downtime is significant lost money. Good business nbn™️ services will offer priority and 24/7 support, that will help ensure that any downtime that is experienced is kept to a minimum.
  2. Know what your business nbn™️ needs are

    Small business nbn™️ plans are tailored to the specific needs of a business, so it’s important to know what your needs are to choose a plan that will help you run your business smoothly. A well suited business nbn™ plan is a necessary utility that any business, big or small, requires to be successful.

    To better understand your business needs, you should carefully consider what your day to day nbn™ uses are, a good starting point is to ask yourself?

    • Does my business only use the internet for email and web browsing?
    • Am I regularly uploading and downloading files for work?
    • Am I using multiple phone lines?
    • How many employees will need access to the internet?
    • Are employees regularly making calls and video conferencing?
    • Is my customer service model dependent on online communications?
  3. Choose the right bandwidth for you business

    It’s easy to do a quick audit of your business environment to work out just how much nbn™️ bandwidth you need. First, count the number of devices that are connected to the Internet:

    • 5 to 10: Up to 75Mbps
    • 10 to 15: Up to 150 Mbps
    • 15 to 20: Up to 250 Mbps
    • 0 to 30: Up to 500 Mbps

    Then, adjust your expectations against what those devices are doing on the Internet. If most of the users are simply responding to email, using social media, or maintaining a website, then you’ll be able to have more devices connected than if everyone is using video conferencing and cloud services constantly.

    Finally, consider the growth of your business. It’s always a good idea to have a plan that’s a little excessive that you can “grow into” if you’re expecting your business to grow in the short term, rather than need to constantly renegotiate your contract with your ISP.

    Once you have chosen the right ISP for your business, and understand your business nbn™ needs then you can choose the nbn™ plan suited for you business

    Your choice of bandwidth profile should match your business requirements. If you are a smaller business with fewer staff using the internet for more general applications, includingweb browsing, emails, streaming and other non-critical services, then an asymmetrical connection with best effort contention is perfect for delivering high-speed, cost-effective bandwidth.

    If you are a larger enterprise with more staff that have a heavy reliance on the internet and higher priority applications, including voice, video conferencing and cloud services, then a symmetrical connection with high priority or committed 1:1 contention is ideal to deliver high performance bandwidth, 24/7.

    For more information on the various nbn™️ small business and enterprise options, and to discuss with experts about what might be right for your business, contact the team at Aussie Broadband. We have a long history of helping our business customers of all sizes deliver meaningful value back to their business through effective and value-adding Internet services.


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