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How to Connect Your Business to the nbn™️

Perhaps the nbn™️ has just been rolled out to your local area. Or perhaps you’ve just started up a new business. Whatever the reason, you’re probably wondering how to connect your business to the nbn™️ so that you can start to take advantage of fast Internet speeds.

There are four things you should be aware of before you get going:

  1. The nbn™️ is mandatory for most Australians

    Once the nbn™️ has been rolled out to an area, local businesses will need to swap over to an nbn™️ plan within a certain period of time – six months in most cases. You will get a notice telling you that you have until a certain date to make the switch. It’s important that you do because after that date, existing telecommunications services are switched off – including Internet, landline, and security services, as all of the above need to run on the nbn™️ going forward. Making the switch ahead of time is the best way to avoid any disruption to your business.

    There are some alternative options to the nbn™️, including working with an ISP to roll out dedicated pipelines and building your own infrastructure, but those are cost prohibitive to any but the largest of organisations, and for almost all Australian enterprises, surplus to requirements.

  2. There are different kinds of nbn™️ technology

    Most enterprises will be connected to the Internet in one of three ways: FTTP, FTTN and FTTC

    • FTTP: Fibre to the Premises means that fibre is connected all the way to your office. This form of connection allows for the fastest and loss-free speeds to be delivered to you.
    • FTTC: Fibre to the Curb means that fibre is laid out all the way to the end of the street, with a small amount of copper wiring running from the curb to the premises. This means there’s a small loss in performance for that “last yard” of copper.
    • FTTN: Fibre to the Node means that fibre is laid out all the way to a “node”, which is generally located within a kilometre of your premises, and from there copper runs to all premises within range. This results in some loss of speeds, limiting the maximum Internet speeds that your business can access.

    There are some further rare examples – for instance, satellite services provide the nbn™️ to the most rural communities in Australia, but most businesses will be making use of one of these three technologies. You don’t get a choice of which – it depends on what nbn™co has rolled out to your area, but it’s useful to know when choosing which plan you sign up for, as some technologies (such as FTTN) might make some plans pointless, depending on the maximum speed that can be delivered via the technology.

  3. Switching is easy, but be prepared for some disruption

    Switching from old ADSL Internet to the nbn™️ is an easy process – you call your ISP of choice and they’ll get everything booked and give you dates for the change-over. However, it is possible that on the day of the switch there is a temporary blackout (of up to a few days), and if there is a technical issue, it might take a week or two to get a technician back out to take a look.

    During that time the nbn™️ connection will be unavailable. For most businesses going an hour, let alone a couple of days or a week without the Internet is not acceptable, so speak to your ISP about backup options. One popular one is to have a 4G mobile hotspot ready to go so the business can run off it while waiting for the nbn™️ to come on-line.

  4. Choose the right plan based on your business needs

    Not every business needs a lightning-fast Internet connection. If your business principally uses the Internet to take orders, respond to emails and manage a website and social media presence then a lower-end business plan will be sufficient. If you’re looking to work with video, run teleconferencing sessions frequently, and engage with large numbers of customers or employees online at once then you’ll need more robust speeds. If you’re not sure which speed is required for your business can consult with your ISP to make an informed decision.

    Every business, however, will need to choose a business-grade nbn™ plan. Though residential and business nbn™ plans are quoted at the same prices, business Internet plans have additional benefits that will help your business.

    Finding the right ISP for your new nbn™️ plan is the final consideration. You want a business that is known for its reliability, its standards of customer service, and has a heritage in supporting businesses of all sizes with both the nbn™️ itself, and associated services like hosted PBX (for phone lines), Web hosting, and other enterprise solutions. Get in touch with Aussie Broadband today for more information on what we can do to assist with your business Internet needs.


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