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What Is A Business nbn™️ Plan?

As a piece of national infrastructure, the nbn™️ is there for both residents and commercial businesses to use. The question that many end up asking, though, is “what is a business nbn™️ plan?” and “how is it different to a residential plan?” After all, it can be easy to think that the Internet is the Internet, and as long as you’re getting fast enough speeds, what does it matter what kind of plan you’re on?

As it turns out, it actually matters quite a lot, and businesses – even small businesses – should look closely at business nbn™️ solutions. A business nbn™ plan comes with a significant support package, providing business owners with the assistance they need to ensure their internet is reliable for all the functions and flexibility their business requires.

Features that are unique to business nbn™️ plans

One of the key features you’re going to need if you run a business and use the Internet for any part of it is “static IP.” You don’t need to know the ins-and-outs of this (though you can read more about it here if you want), but what you do need to know is that a static IP gives your business a permanent, unchanging IP address, and this makes it easier to communicate within the business environment.

If you want to allow your employees to work remotely, for example (but still access the business network and communicate over VoIP and video conferencing, and use VPN technology for the sake of security), then a static IP allows the environment to connect seamlessly to your employee’s devices and home office. Think of the static IP address in the same was that you think of a residential address – a residential address doesn’t change, so it makes contacting or finding someone easy.

All residential Internet services use dynamic IP addresses, which change the IP address of the environment every time a new connection is made. This works fine in a home environment, as there isn’t the same need for permanent connections, but for the office environment this becomes an unmanageable situation when you’re also looking to use the Internet to supply telephony to multiple people and build shared network services for storage and computing.

In addition to the technology benefits, most business nbn™️ plans also have a suite of optional additional services of value to enterprise customers. Hosted PBX solutions, for example, to help ease the burden of phone system management on the business. At other times website hosting and other cloud features direct from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) can help your business navigate the start of its existence online. To have a really resilient connection that keeps you online look for a business nbn™ provider who has faster plans with higher upload speeds and hardware options with a 4G backup upgrade available.

Service is important too

Perhaps most importantly of all is the support that comes with our business-grade nbn™️ plans . For a business, even an hour of faulty Internet can cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. The business loses out on sales opportunities and suffers from reputational damage as customers decide not to trust a business that isn’t able to keep its website and payment systems online.

This is where the SLA comes in. Business Internet services will generally be accompanied by a SLA, which lays out, among other things, a guarantee that the business’ Internet will be “active” for a certain percentage of each month. SLAs are typically “99.XX per cent”, such as “99.9 per cent,” “99.99 per cent,” or “99.999 percent,” with the higher numbers meaning that there won’t be more than a couple of minutes downtime across an entire month.

If the ISP doesn’t meet this uptime guarantee, the ISP is liable for damages, and as a result, priority is given to businesses that have active SLA agreements in place. This support includes dedicated contacts at the ISP, 24/7 emergency call outs, and often proactive monitoring of the environment to detect a problem before the business itself does.

Equip yourself with a business nbn™ plan

The Internet – and therefore the nbn™️ – is a core asset to the modern business. It enables businesses to reach global audiences, maximise their marketing and communications investment, grow its range of products and services, and develop competitive advantage.

Without the Internet a business is going to find itself rapidly outpaced by its rivals, and for these reasons it’s important that businesses access business nbn™️ services, as it is the platform that will allow them the confidence to structure their business around the modern normal for business.

What works for your home, will most likely not work for your business. Only with a business grade nbn™ plan can you ensure your business has everything it needs to run smoothly and remain competitive in your market.


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