BYO VoIP settings

If you have brought your own modem to use with Aussie Broadband, you will need to configure your VoIP to be compatible with our services also.

To access the basic settings to setup your modem to use its VoIP capabilities please click here.

This guide is for our Netcomm branded modem, but the settings will be universal across other VoIP capable modems.

We have also included some of the basic settings below.

Basic Sip/VoIP Settings:
SIP Proxy:
SIP Registrar:
SIP Outbound Proxy:
AuthUserName: Username provided by Aussie Broadband
AuthPassword: Device password matching the subscriber
CidName: Username provided by Aussie Broadband
CidNumber: Username provided by Aussie Broadband

DNS settings:
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Note: In some devices you may need to set DNS to Manual in some units. It is recommended where possible the DNS is specified in your router and if applicable to your ATA if you have an external VoIP unit such as a Linksys SPA112, SPA3102 etc.

Dial Plans: Click here

If you require your username and password, please speak with our support team by calling 1300 880 905.

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