VoIP Settings TP-Link VR600v

The VoIP settings TP-Link VR600v requires a slightly altered setup. Here’s a handy little guide to walk you through the process.

Step 1: Log into your TP-Link router:

You can do this usually with either of these two options. or http://tplinkwifi.net

Once logged into the router then head over to telephony.


TP-Link VoIP setup


Step 2

Click on modify

Tp_link router voip setup 2


Step 3

Click the arrow down for advanced options


TP-link VoIP setup 3


Step 4

Enter the information as follows below. The phone number and the authentication ID is the SIP number. If you don’t have your SIP number or password for your VoIP, then please give our Customer Service Team a call on 1300 880 905.

TP-Link VOIP setup 4

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