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VoIP is the way of the future for phones

Voice over Internet Protocol or ‘VoIP’ is the latest in phone service technology and fast becoming the way everyone uses telephony, as you can make all of your business calls at a fraction of the cost.

If you’ve ever used Skype, Apple FaceTime or other smartphone / desktop phone or video apps, then you’ve used VoIP.

How do I use VoIP?

VoIP is super simple to get started with. All you need is a standard phone handset and a VoIP compatible modem or ATA device. Both of which we can supply.

If you have existing business phone numbers, we can port them across to your new VoIP service so that everything continues as normal. The only difference being that your calls will go via the internet, rather than the phone network.

Simple plans, fantastic savings

Whichever Aussie Broadband VoIP service you choose, you’ll save money when compared with standard phone services.

Casual Everyday Premium
Monthly Cost $0 /month $10 /month $20 /month
Calls to other Aussie customers 15c per call FREE FREE
Local & National (per call) 15c per call FREE FREE
Calls to Mobiles
(per minute)
22c per minute FREE FREE
International calls Varies, from 5c per minute Varies, from 5c per minute Varies, from 5c per minute
1300 and 13 Numbers 35c untimed 35c untimed 35c untimed
Flag Fall
(for timed calls)
No Charge No Charge No Charge
Incoming Phone Number Provided Yes Yes Yes
Free Number Porting Free when bundled Free when bundled Free when bundled
International Call Credit $15

International Call Rates | VoIP Critical Information Summary | Phone Only Critical Information Summary | Flagfall Costs

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