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Friday 2 Mar 2018 | 3 min read

The importance of a redundant link during your nbn® switchover

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If you’re running a small business, it’s safe to say that the internet plays a vital role in your success. This means if the internet goes down, so do your business operations. Emails go left unanswered, cloud-based files become inaccessible, important apps become useless, and ultimately, productivity and profits begin to suffer.

The good news? You can save yourself a whole lot of stress by installing a second internet connection for during your nbn™ switchover – otherwise known as a redundant link or redundant connection.

These days, shelling out for a short-term redundant link might seem like an unnecessary cost, particularly when you think about how far technology has come. But it’s a small price to pay to avoid disaster. To help you understand the importance of a redundant link, let’s dig a little deeper.

What is a redundant link?

Put simply, a redundant link is a backup internet connection that comes into play when your main internet connection fails. This is to make sure that your computer, network, and - by extension - your business is always connected online.

If your business hasn’t switched to the nbn™ network, you can find out when it will be available in your area here. When you’re good to go, it’s worth considering implementing a short-term redundant link as part of your installation.

Chat with our expert team at Aussie Broadband about our redundant link offering and why it’s a good idea.

Reasons the internet can fail

Internet connectivity and the switching between services has certainly come a long way over the years, but it’s never 100% reliable - it’s always important to remember this. Internet connections can – and inevitably do – sometimes fail.

The reasons for this are wide-ranging, and include:
Infrastructure issues in your area, such as the cables necessary for your new service are not functioning correctly.
If a natural disasters/incidents such as floods, storms, earthquakes and cyclones is occurring at the time of the switchover and so has impacted the nbn™ connection.
Minor technical issues with your ISP and the installation, such as a fault that is resolved within hours.

The list goes on. However, having a redundant link can protect your business against unforeseen circumstances during your nbn™ switchover. If you’re still not convinced, think about what would happen to your business if you were to lose an internet connection for a few minutes, a couple of hours, or even days.

How much money could you potentially lose? How many customers will you leave stranded? How will staff deal with the interruption? Will productivity go down? Will your clients wait around for you to fix the problem, or decide to cut ties and go somewhere else? The questions are endless, but the answer is simple.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, whether you’re running a small office or an online e-commerce store, mitigating risks should be a top priority. Not only does having a backup connection help you stay afloat in times of crisis, it gives you peace of mind – and one less thing to worry a about when you’re trying to focus on your business goals.

What are my options?

Fortunately, we understand that a large number of businesses rely on their broadband connections, and that even the smallest outages can have a disastrous impact on the success of operations.

That’s why you’ll find we offer an nbn™ product for small Aussie businesses.

Make the connection

Every successful small business has a strategy for minimising risk. Installing a temporary redundant link to your office or workplace during switchover means you don’t have to rely on one connection. In a world where communication, customer satisfaction and information access are central to business operations, having a backup connection is a no-brainer.

If productivity and peace of mind is important to you, contact the expert team at Aussie Broadband about implementing a redundant connection during your switchover to the nbn™ network.

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