Into gaming? You need a fast nbn® provider

Online gaming is exciting – and year after year, multiplayer games are getting better than ever. But without a low-latency* nbn® connection, it’s a frustrating experience.

At Aussie Broadband, we’re building an nbn® network to bring you higher speeds at all times of the day or night.

High-quality nbn® for gaming, for every type of game and for every platform

No matter the type of game you’re into, or if you’re a PC gamer or a console gamer, Aussie Broadband is the nbn® service for you.
  • First Person Shooters
  • MOBAs
  • Sports Games
  • Real-time Strategy
  • Fighting Games
  • Battle Royale
  • Mobile & Tablet Games
  • Other

First Person Shooters

Rack up killstreaks with ease in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4. Or clutch the game winning round in Counter Strike: Global Offensive™. With Aussie Broadband’s lightning fast download/upload speeds, you’ll shoot where you aim, stay connected to game servers & stay on top of your K/D ratio.


Skillshots are impossible to hit in League of Legends™ with a slow connection. But you’ll never have to worry about that. Aussie Broadband’s excellent connection speeds means seamless upload & download of inputs from the game’s server, ensuring you have the best connection environment to execute on that crucial play in that crucial team fight.

Sports Games

Say goodbye to bad passes and missed slide tackles in FIFA™. With Aussie Broadband’s second-to-none internet connection speeds, you can expect lower latency* and faster, more responsive inputs, to help you take one step closer to carrying the World Cup.


Coming in April, our new international links will keep you connected to that server reliably with minimised latency*. You’ll be able to help carry the team through the next World of Warcraft™ raid, and smoothly stream the experience to the world with our direct links to Twitch™ servers in Sydney and Los Angeles.

Real-time Strategy

In RTS games like Starcraft™ or Age of Empires™, peer-to-peer connection means having a decent upload speed is an absolute necessity for the game to be playable (for both you and your opponent). We manage our bandwidth to help you avoid the peak-time slowdown, and ensure that real-time strategy games are actually in real-time.

Fighting Games

Frame-perfect inputs are hard to execute on an imperfect internet connection. Whether EA Sports UFC 3™ or Super Smash Bros™ is your go-to game to beat up your friends online, it’s way more fun when you’ve got Aussie Broadband’s lower latency* internet connection to make sure you can execute your combos every time.

Battle Royale

Being the last man standing in Fortnite™ or Black Ops 4 – Blackout™ can be pretty difficult when you don’t have the internet connection to back up your tactical plays. With Aussie Broadband’s nbn® network, forget lagging out and dying because your character kept running in a straight line for 2 minutes straight after you disconnected. Our excellent uptimes and upload & download speeds means we’ll keep you connected and in control at all times.

Mobile & Tablet Games

We haven’t forgotten about how important a decent internet connection can be for mobile games like Clash Royale™, where even a second of lag can mean your base gets destroyed by a couple of Skeletons.

With Aussie Broadband, skill up to the top of the leaderboards in any mobile game, without having to worry about your internet holding you back.


The fact of the matter is, for any online game, the experience is way more enjoyable if you’ve got the internet connection to back it up.

Speak to our Australian team today to find out what an Aussie Broadband nbn® connection can do for your nights in.

This is how we optimise our nbn® network for gamers:

  • Network Centre

    View real-time data on our network about ping times and check the daily CVC capacity in your area, to see how our network will perform when you log in for the next game.

  • International Links

    We have international transit links with points of presence into major gaming regions such as the USA and South East Asia, so we’ll connect you via the most direct route available to help minimise your latency*.

  • Direct Peering

    With our bandwidth management and direct domestic links to Steam™ and Twitch™, you can spend less time installing updates and more time in game.

What about hosting games?

Aussie Broadband has adopted CG-NAT technology for assigning IP addresses. This can cause issues for Xbox and PS4 users, as well as blocking the ability to host games or access p2p gaming on some servers.

If you need to opt out of CG-NAT, please contact support on 1300 880 905.

It's the perfect connection for livestreaming as well

Devices showing Stan, Twitch, and Netflix

Whether it’s the League of Legends™ World Championship on Twitch™ or your favourite TV show on Netflix, watching livestreams will be smoother, more stable and more enjoyable than ever before with our award-winning nbn® speeds.

And don’t forget about broadcasting your own games. We have built direct links with Twitch™ in Sydney, giving you increased reliability and lower latency* when you stream your own gameplay to thousands of streamers on Twitch™.

Your nbn® CVC on full display

One of the biggest internet issues in Australia is network congestion on the nbn®, so we’ve put our CVCs (Connectivity Virtual Circuits) on show for all to see. Read more about CVCs here.

If you are not sure of which POI you are connected to, see our POI checker page.

Find out if you can get the nbn® at your place now

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