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Call Routing Best Practices

Last Updated: Tuesday 2 May 2023

This will outline some of the most common call routing configurations and our best practices for setting them up.

Scenario #1

The most common routing request is to route incoming calls during business hours and then different routing for holidays and after hours. This setup reflects calls ringing multiple users during business hours and then to an Auto Attendant after hours, however the destinations can be replaced with any desired outcome.

  1. In this scenario, there would be 2 time frames created, one for Business Hours using days and times of the week, and one for Holidays using specific dates or ranges.


  2. Create 2 Auto Attendants, one for Holidays and one for After Hours. Make sure both time frames are set to default


  3. Create 1 call queue named Business Hours, and set the type to Ring All. Forward when unanswered can go to the After Hours Auto Attendant or another user’s voicemail, as desired. Add agents for the phones that need to ring


  4. On the phone number, configure the Time of Day routing – follow the screenshot below


Scenario #2

Another common request is to have calls ring to a particular user first, then ring additional extensions after 2-3 rings.

  1. Create a call queue of type ‘linear cascade’


  2. In In Queue Options, set the Agent Timeout to the number of rings before calls ring all users


  3. Add agents. In Linear Hunt, the first user to be rung should have their Order set to 1. Additional users should have their order set to 2


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