Why upgrade to Aussie Fibre internet?

250 to 10,000Mbps symmetrical plans for any application

The demand for internet bandwidth is growing daily, with data-hungry apps, devices and new technologies slowing collaboration tools, CRM systems and conferencing software to a crawl.

Our Aussie Fibre service delivers you fast bandwidth with plans scalable from 250Mbps to 10,000Mbps to meet modern-day demands of your business connectivity requirements.

Resilient bandwidth on our high-speed fibre network

With businesses having almost total reliance on connectivity, it's essential to have bandwidth that delivers speed alongside a high level of resiliency.

That's why our Aussie Fibre Internet service offers committed bandwidth at a 1:1 contention ratio on our high-speed fibre network - so if you order 1000Mbps you'll always get 1000Mbps – not 'best effort' or 'close to' speeds.

Case Study

How Aussie Fibre powered fast, reliable and future-proof public Wi-Fi

Latrobe Regional Health (LRH) treats more than 150,000 people each year. Set to expand, LRH needed fast, reliable public Wi-Fi that allowed patients and visitors to connect their personal devices, while not interfering with the hospital's systems. They achieved this through Aussie Fibre’s business-grade infrastructure.

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High-speed fibre internet delivered to your site with enterprise-level features

100% Australian operated Aussie fibre infrastructure

250Mbps to 10,000Mbps symmetrical plans

99.95% service uptime (with rebates)

$0 fibre install to eligible sites Australia-wide*

Internet, Layer 2, MPLS or SD-WAN configuration

Core network protection with path redundancy

IPv4 and IPv6 on supported hardware

Manage your network with our business portal Carbon

*Aussie Fibre Internet service available in select areas to business customers only. $0 fibre install eligibility subject to a detailed site assessment and only available on a 36 month contract. Actual throughput speeds may vary due to hardware or other equipment not operated by Aussie Broadband.

Business-grade reliability and support for peace of mind

99.95% uptime with high availability to keep you connected

Your business internet is only as good as the carrier network it's delivered on and the level of upstream redundancy in place for connection continuity.

Get access to enterprise connectivity with multiple path redundancy guaranteeing 99.95% uptime (or we'll pay you a rebate) via our own national fibre infrastructure.

Dedicated support from Australian experts, 24/7 x 365 days

Aussie Broadband is 100% Australian operated with our local support teams and network engineers based right here and ready to support your business 24/7.

We're not just focused on providing the best in enterprise-grade internet on the fastest technologies available – we've also invested in the people behind it who provide an award-winning service experience.

Looking for fibre connectivity to your Data Centre?

If you’re looking for data centre connectivity, then Aussie Fibre offers infrastructure and locations you’re looking for:

  • State-to-state and international Layer 2 connect

    Connect multiple data centres on one enterprise ethernet network with flexibility to scale to suit your requirements.

  • 16 data centre locations across all capital cities

    We've built an extensive national network backbone with multiple POPs in all capital cities with international interconnects to data centres in the USA and Singapore.

  • Protect your network with a Hosted Firewall

    Protect your critical infrastructure from malicious cyber attacks with hosted firewall options available on connections.