Our Commitments to Our Customers

  1. We’ll be open, honest and fair when dealing with you (in line with our company value of no bullsh*t) and we will protect your privacy.
  2. We’ll provide you with information on products and services that is accurate, relevant and written in plain English.
  3. We work to resolve disputes quickly and fairly.
  4. We promote our products and services in a clear, accurate and no bullsh*t way.
  5. We help disadvantaged and vulnerable customers (in line with our company value of being good to people).
  6. If we ever breach the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code, we’ll provide you with an effective remedy.

Financial Hardship Policy

Aussie Broadband understands that there are times when you may have trouble paying your bills for a variety of reasons. This may be short or long term. If you are facing financial hardship, we’re here to help you retain your internet/phone access, and work with you to find a sustainable solution. One of our company values is “be good to people”. We provide payment plans or other support like spend controls, service restrictions, temporary plan downgrades, individual financial arrangements and/or waiving late fees, depending on your circumstances. Financial hardship assistance is free of charge.

What do I need to do?

You can arrange a payment plan without any need for financial hardship proof, simply by applying online via the MyAussie® app/portal or by calling 1300 880 905 and speaking with one of our customer support team. Or for other support, please call us on 1300 880 905 and ask to speak to one of our financial hardship officers.

Am I eligible?

Financial hardship refers to a situation where:

  1. you are unable to discharge your financial obligations to us due to circumstances, including:
    1. personal or household illness;
    2. unemployment;
    3. low or insufficient income, including reduced access to income;
    4. being a victim survivor of domestic or family violence;
    5. a death in the family;
    6. a change in personal or family circumstances;
    7. a natural disaster;
    8. unexpected events or unforeseen changes that have impacted your income or expenditure;
    9. other reasonable causes; and
  2. you consider that you will be able to discharge those obligations if an agreed arrangement for financial hardship assistance is implemented.

If you need support for financial hardship, we will work with you to assess whether you are eligible, and what the most appropriate support might be for your situation.

Alternatively, anyone can set up a payment plan.

What happens if I don’t agree with an assessment?

If you wish to review the outcome of a financial hardship assessment, you can do so via our Complaints Handling Process.

You can make a complaint to us by:

If you are still not happy with the outcome of your complaint after following our dispute resolution process, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) for independent mediation. The TIO can be contacted by calling 1800 062 058 or visiting the TIO website at tio.com.au/making-a-complaint.

Finding a financial counsellor

You can talk to a financial counsellor via 1800 007 007 (National Debt Helpline). You can also find the financial counselling service nearest to you by visiting www.ndh.org.au/financial-counselling/find-a-financial-counsellor/

How do I find out more?

You can see the full detail of our financial hardship policy by clicking here. To download our Financial Hardship Application form, click here.

Online Safety and Content Filtering

Visit our page on online safety and content filtering for helpful information about online safety. This includes tips on safeguarding your children from inappropriate websites and utilising online filtering tools.

Billing & Payments

Aussie Broadband issues monthly invoices by default which are due for payment within 10 business days of being issued. For customers paying by credit card or direct debit, your card or bank account will be debited within this period. We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard and Direct Debit from an Australian Bank account. BPAY is only available on request with Direct Debit or Credit Card details required to remain on file as a backup payment option. For large business customers we also provide direct credit facilities.

Direct Debit Service Agreement

Click here to download our Direct Debit Service Agreement.

Credit Card Service Agreement

Click here to download our Credit Card Service Agreement.

Late Payments and Restriction Information

Click here to download our Late Payment and Restriction Policy

Spend Management

Aussie Broadband offers a range of ways to control your spend. For Broadband services, these by default are shaped (slowed down) rather than you being charged for excess data. You can choose to purchase a data block to restore your connection to full speed. For call based products like Home Phone and VoIP, customers have an initial call spend limit of $100 per month. Should you exceed this call spend, you account will be suspended and we will contact you. You can then choose to have this spend limit increased or decreased. In the case of it being increased you must have a stable credit history with us.

Credit Management Policy

Click here to download a copy of our Credit Management Policy.

Transfer of Ownership Form

Need to transfer ownership of your account to someone else? Download the form below and email the completed copy to support@aussiebroadband.com.au. If you have any questions, please contact our team.

Transfer of Ownership form.

Service Usage

You can log in at anytime to https://my.aussiebroadband.com.au to view your usage on all services with Aussie Broadband. For Broadband products, your usage information is update every 15-30 minutes. For Home Phone your usage is updated once per day and is at least 24 hours behind at any given point. For VoIP Phone your usage is updated as each call is made. If you have a query regarding your usage, you should contact our support team on 1300 880 905.

Wholesale Networks

Aussie Broadband has wholesale partnerships to provide services on the OptiComm wholesale network, as well as Optus Wholesale to deliver 3G, 4G and 5G mobile services.

Terms and Conditions for current products

Please find below copies of the agreements for our current products:

Terms and Conditions for products we no longer actively sell

  • ADSL Terms & Conditions: Click Here to download a copy.

  • Mobile Data Terms & Conditions (until 1/04/2019): Click Here to download a copy.

  • Mobile Handset Terms & Conditions: Click Here to download a copy.

  • Mobile Voice Terms & Conditions (until 1/04/2019): Click Here to download a copy.

  • Naked DSL Terms & Conditions: Click Here to download a copy.

  • Wireless Terms & Conditions: Click Here to download a copy.

  • nbn® Terms & Conditions (until 04/08/2020): Click Here to download a copy.

  • nbn® Terms & Conditions (until 19/04/2020): Click Here to download a copy.

  • General Terms & Conditions (until 22/02/2021): Click Here to download a copy.

Authorised Contacts

When you setup an account with Aussie Broadband, by default the person who’s name the account is in has the authority to act on the account. If you would like to add additional authorised contacts, please contact our accounts team on 1300 880 905. Once we have checked your authorisation you will be able to add additional contacts. To add a contact we will need their name, date of birth, and phone number.

Acceptable and Fair Use Policy

Click Here to download a copy of our acceptable and fair use policy.

Family and Domestic Violence Policy

To download a copy of our Family and Domestic Violence Policy (if you’re worried that someone will look at your browser history, you can right click on the policy link and open the link in a private/incognito window), click here.

We are here to support you

At Aussie Broadband, we take the misuse of our services by domestic violence perpetrators extremely seriously and will provide effective and tailored assistance to customers who need our support.

Via technology, domestic and family violence can take many forms (this is also called “technology facilitated abuse”):

  • Monitoring phone calls, social media and emails without the knowledge and approval of someone
  • Loading spyware onto a computer or mobile phone in order to monitor a person without their knowledge
  • Using technology to track the location of someone, for the purposes of monitoring, control or stalking
  • Accessing accounts such as email, social media, or messaging to monitor or impersonate someone
  • Logging in (without permission) and closing services, thereby cutting someone off from contacts

All conversations are confidential

Your safety and privacy will be our priority. None of the information you give us will be disclosed to anyone else, even if their name is on the account.

More information on our Privacy Policy.

Your capacity to pay

We will work with you to find a solution for your individual situation (payment plans etc). For more information on how we can help, have a look at our Financial Hardship Policy.

We will hear you

Our Customer Service Team have been trained to assist people who are experiencing family violence. We also have a team of Family Violence Specialists that your account can be assigned to should you require additional support.

We will treat you with understanding, empathy and respect, and we will do everything we can to help while also complying with our industry guidelines.

We can put you in touch or refer you to organisations that specialise in working with and supporting people experiencing family violence, for immediate and or more long-term assistance.

Support Services

For Women


National counselling helpline, information and support 24/7.
1800 737 732


Daisy is an app developed by 1800RESPECT to connect people experiencing violence or abuse to services in their local area.
Google Play
Apple Store

For Men


Support for men with family and relationship issues 24/7.
1300 789 978



Telephone and online counselling, referrals and support groups for LGBTQI+ people and their families.
1800 184 527

Aussie Broadband Modern Slavery Statement

At Aussie Broadband, one of our fundamental values is ‘Be Good to People’ which includes having a positive impact on our community – both nationally (our staff, suppliers and the communities in areas where we operate) and internationally via our supply chains.

The Australian Government introduced the Modern Slavery Act in November 2018 to support the Australian business community to identify and address their modern slavery risks and maintain responsible and transparent supply chains.

The Act requires larger entities to provide an annual Modern Slavery Statement to the Australian Border Force for publication on a central online register. Find out more about Modern Slavery and the reporting requirements here.

To download a copy of the Aussie Broadband Modern Slavery Statement, click here. This outlines the actions we have taken to identify and address the risks of modern slavery practices in our operations and supply chains.

Statement from the Managing Director, Phillip Britt

"There has never been a more important time for industry collaboration as companies, supply chains and customers grapple with modern slavery and its appalling, often hidden, impact on people. Aussie Broadband looks forward to seeing what we can achieve together, over and above what we can achieve independently."

Whistleblower Policy

Click here to download a copy of our whistleblower policy.

Customer Service Guarantee for a standard telephone service

A lot of companies ask you to waive your rights on the Telecommunications Customer Service Guarantee Standard 2011 (CSG) when you sign up to a telephone service. We don’t do that.

Under the CSG, we have to meet standards on the time we take to connect a standard telephone service, repair a fault and attend appointments. If we don’t meet these standards, we must pay compensation to eligible customers.

You can find more information here.

Statutory Declarations

A copy of a stat dec is required in instances where a closure or change to an account needs to be made by a person other than the legal lessee of the service.

Click here to download a copy.

Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code Information

The Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code provides a host of consumer safeguards for mobile, landline and internet users.

These safeguards are set out in clear rules that providers like us must follow when communicating and dealing with customers. The rules cover the areas of advertising and point of sale, billing, payment methods, complaint handling, financial hardship and more.

The TCP Code was developed by the Telecommunications Industry following extensive consultation and negotiation with consumer groups, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), and other relevant interest groups. The ACMA regularly monitors compliance with the code.

Aussie Broadband is committed to following the code and its principles, not only because of compliance but also in line with our strong values of “no bullsh*t and “be good to people”. If you would like to talk to us about the code or how we are following it, please contact us by telephone on 1300 880 905 or by email at support@aussiebroadband.com.au.

You can find a copy of the code on the Communications Alliance website.