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Hosted PBX - Voicemail – Access Voicemail Remotely

Last Updated: Sunday 7 May 2023

The following options will allow you to access your voicemail remotely.

Using Auto Attendant

A DID must already be routed to your Auto Attendant for this to function. The most common use is with night hours with Auto Attendant

auto attendants button

From your PBX portal, click on the Auto Attendants button at the top

Select any option and select Voicemail Management

Voicemail management screenshot

When you call into the Auto Attendant and press option 9. You will be asked for the extension number, and then the voicemail PIN of the mailbox you wish to check

Using a Softphone Application 

Using any softphone application such as SNAPmobile, you can access voicemail remotely by dialling 9901

Using a Web Portal

You can access your own voicemail via the web portal. Unlike other options, you will not be able to access someone else’s voicemail

Once logged into the web portal, click on your name at the top right

Click on Messages to access your voicemail messages

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