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Community Impact

building better communities

At Aussie, we are committed to making an authentic, positive impact in the communities we serve, the employees we work with, and the society we live in. Why? Because that's being good to people, one of our overarching values which drive our work to encourage a shared journey toward real social impact.

building better communities

some of the ways we help

We're not just interested in technology, but also fighting for the underdog, connecting regional Australia, and the occasional good belly laugh.

Discount services and support for the not-for-profit sector and majority owned indigenous business.

Championing regional development and employment opportunity.

Provide opportunity for reconciliation and partnership with Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Create career pathways for people experiencing disadvantage.

Provide support to our diverse communities, staff and customers to be who they are, providing accessibility and inclusion for all.

Promoting sustainability and a considered response to climate change in how we work with our staff, customers and supply chains.

Our Programs

connecting communities for a better tomorrow

helping communities connect

helping communities connect

We know dozens of not-for-profits, charities, local groups, and First Nations-owned businesses are already doing great work in communities all over Australia. That's why we believe in supporting their awesome achievements with discounts on selected services and grants through our Helping Communities Connect program.

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small change, big change

small change, big change

A little goes a long way, so we've teamed up with Small Change, Big Change to empower our customers to help build resilient young Australians. With a $1 donation on their bill every month, our customers can make a big change to those who need it most.

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Being good to people also means committing to a better planet. We started our sustainability journey by becoming carbon-neutral in 2022 - offsetting our GHG emissions with carbon credits, like the Australian Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets. But that's just the beginning. There's so much more we can and want to do - and are already committed to doing - because that's what our planet and people deserve.

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helping out those who deserve it

Helping communities connect

Are you a not-for-profit, charity or First-Nation business?

You could be eligible for discounted services, sponsorships, or support from our volunteers!

Our Pledges

committing to being good

Being good to people is part of who we are. We are committed to balancing purpose and profit, and have transparent third-party accreditations to prove it.

Pledge 1% logo

Pledge 1%

We are proud to be a member of the Pledge 1% Movement, a global initiative where businesses donate 1% of their profit, equity, product or time in order to give back to their communities in any way they can. For us, that means harnessing two of our unique assets to do good - our people and our high speed nbn® with unbeatable customer service. We've committed to dedicating 1% of our Time and Equity.

Certified B Corporation logo

Certified B Corporation

We are a certified B Corporation, one of the biggest Australian telcos to achieve this certification. What this means is that our strategies, policies and work have been rigorously assessed by B Lab, and shown to benefit (that's what the 'B' stands for!) workers, the community, and the environment.