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Westpac X Carbon

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The challenge

The way large-scale businesses maintain connectivity can be complex and time-consuming. With multiple sites demanding a raft of diverse network service requirements, simple tasks like trying to establish a connection at a new location or identifying the cause of a network disruption can snowball into drawn-out, frustrating sagas.

Those headaches can be a thing of the past with Aussie Broadband's new business platform that makes it super easy to manage your network services.

An industry-first, our online portal Carbon allows you to order, configure and manage your full suite of complex telco services across multiple sites, at any time, with ease.

While the concept for Carbon was formed in-house at Aussie, the platform we see today was pioneered in collaboration with Westpac. The top-5 bank wanted to structure its services so it had full visibility over the roll-out of connections to its 1000+ sites - a process that is ongoing today as the nbn® becomes available in new locations.

The end design allowed Westpac to deliver connections into all its branches and corporate offices where the nbn® is currently available in a self-serving capacity - no more time wasted in call queues or waiting for quotes.

[Westpac] are extremely happy with the solution we have provided and how well it actually works.

Aaron O'KeefeGeneral Manager of Sales, Aussie Broadband

The solution

Built to make life easy for everyone, Carbon puts the power back in the hands of the user.

Featuring end-to-end ordering of nbn® services, easy configurations and customisations, and real-time service and analytics tools, Carbon is the complete toolkit you need on a user-friendly platform.

With customers depending on Westpac for their banking, these tools are vital for similar businesses that need to identify and respond to connection issues swiftly. Lots of providers make it easy to order a service, but there is nothing else on the market that gives you full control over your complex telco services

Service ordering

Carbon lets you self-manage the process of ordering a new service. You can designate exactly what you want - no need to go back and forth with a salesperson.

If you need an nbn® connection at a new site, other carriers will likely have a process to go through that might include a quote. Save time and avoid the hassle with Carbon and simply order whatever you need - if the nbn® technology is at the location, your new connection can be live in as little as five minutes.

This is vital for businesses like Westpac that need connections at multiple sites to go live quickly to ensure minimal disruption to customers.

Help your cash flow and avoid large upfront costs with our monthly prices. Aligned pricing for different services allows you to see costs in real-time, without having to waste your time with quotes.

Self management

Carbon takes the raft of service testing tools our support staff have access to and places them in the hands of IT teams. Based on the successes of our award-winning MyAussie® app, Carbon allows you to perform a range of single-click tests and diagnostics.

Should customers experience an unplanned outage, Carbon gives them the tools to check the service, perform loopback tests, reset ports and even 'kick' the connection. Rather than calling our support centre, the IT team can run initial diagnostics to better identify the issue. Then, if further help is needed, we can see what tests have already been completed and speed up the resolution process.

With a critical reliance on connectivity, businesses like Westpac can use these tools to monitor, test and troubleshoot connections to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

There aren't too many other carriers giving customers the same level of direct access.

Your service, your way

Carbon gives users the ability to change or reconfigure their services, swapping between internet, layer 2 MPLS or other services. Service speeds can be changed at the click of a button, as often as every day, allowing users to adapt their connection to specific business needs.

Carbon's comprehensive range of reporting allows users to monitor bandwidth and data usage, both in real-time and historically. By reviewing and comparing this data, businesses can identify services that are being under or over utilised.

With a vast array of connectivity requirements, businesses like Westpac can take advantage of these tools to easily configure their network as needed.

The result

At Carbon's launch in late May, we said we expected the portal to be a game-changer for businesses, enterprise and managed service providers. Carbon hasn't disappointed - we announced our 100th partner to the platform in mid-July.

For customers with multiple sites, the self-management functions have been a godsend, allowing IT teams to self-troubleshoot. Instead of spending time on the phone with our support staff, our clients are kicking their connections and performing loopback tests before calling the affected site directly to rectify the problem.

Carbon has revolutionised the way businesses like Westpac manage their complex telco services.


Self-managed, automated provisioning.

nbn® TC-4 and Enterprise Ethernet service qualification, pricing, ordering and provisioning with Carbon. We now offer customised invoicing for each and every service.

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