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Cumulus Visual Effects

Discover how nbn® Enterprise Ethernet helped Byron Bay VFX company Cumulus Visual Effects take on the global film and television industry.

The challenge

Having worked on some impressive films alongside the likes of Netflix and Sony Entertainment, Byron Bay-based visual effects (VFX) company Cumulus Visual Effects was determined to become a global player in the film and television industry. With world class talent, work ethic and creativity, the only thing slowing the regional team down was their internet connection.

With regular terabyte-sized data transfers and an upload speed capped at 10Mbps, project completion dates would often have to be scheduled many days before the actual deadline to allow time for files to be transferred.

The internet was the missing piece of the puzzle.

William GammonFounder, Cumulus Visual Effects

Unwilling to compromise on the lifestyle Byron Bay offered for his staff, William was not interested in relocating the company to a major city. With such high demands on their internet connection, the company reached out to Aussie Broadband to find a solution that would work for them in Byron.

The solution

Cumulus collaborates almost entirely virtually with its partners and clients. With such a critical reliance on their internet connection, the company needed a reliable connectivity solution with incredibly high speeds.

The obvious solution to us was business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet.

James DohertyAussie Broadband

Enterprise Ethernet is a business-grade dedicated fibre service that delivers connectivity with the highest speed, reliability and performance across the nbn® Ethernet Access Network. Highly reliable, the service can deliver symmetrical upload and download speeds, prioritise traffic for time-sensitive applications, and protect against disruptions with 4G LTE failover.

The result

Cumulus has drastically improved their operations since nbn® Enterprise Ethernet fibre infrastructure was built out to their site. Reducing the time it took to send and receive large project files from around the world, expanding their operations into a local hub for the industry and improving the collaboration process are just a few ways the service has benefited the studio.

“Thanks to Aussie Broadband and business nbn®, we're looking to the future and plan to roll out more connections to new sites in the region as we take advantage of the growing creative industry in the area,” William said.

Cumulus now has a team of over 20 VFX professionals, with the capacity to expand to a much larger staff cohort when working on bigger projects.

“We've been able to continue to grow our business and attract the best talent in the process. Our team of creative VFX artists love being able to live in the idyllic Byron Bay while doing the work they love at a world-class calibre,” William said.

We've been able to compete with some of the big kids in the big cities. We've now engaged clients we've never been able to get before.

Nicky LadasSenior IT Manager, Cumulus Visual Effects

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