Here’s why businesses trust Aussie Broadband to deliver resilient network security solutions.

We’re making secure networking easier than ever before with our firewall solutions and industry-leading network, combined with some of Australia’s best network engineers.

Your business network is only as good as the infrastructure in place and the people behind it, which is why your business needs an Aussie Broadband firewall solution powered by Fortinet.

Our industry experts and firewall solutions help keep ransomware and cyber-security threats at bay, giving you peace of mind and confidence that your network, devices and data will remain secure.

  • Threat protection & cyber security

    We’re serious about network security, and it’s more important now than ever before. Our firewall solutions include threat protection to keep unwanted traffic out and your infrastructure secure.

  • Self-service network management

    Easily configure and monitor all aspects of your business network from anywhere in the world with extensive and powerful cloud-based tools.

  • Co-managed network solution

    We’ll help actively monitor and manage your corporate network and internet services to ensure your business remains online and operational.

  • Australian enterprise support 24/7

    We’re a 100% Australian-based telco with our support team always on standby and committed to helping your business anytime.

  • 99.95% core network availability

    Our high-speed national network with multi-path redundancy, international transit and massive capacity offers business-grade connectivity you can count on.

  • Simple and powerful cloud deployment

    Our expert service delivery team combined with powerful cloud deployment tools allows for effortless business network expansion.

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Find out how Aussie Broadband can help your business with industry-leading firewall solutions.

Fortinet has been recognised as a leader in the 2020 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Network Firewalls for the 11th year in a row for managing operational and security risks, improving operational efficiency and reducing cost and complexity.

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Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge Infrastructure

Business Grade Security

Protect your environments from threats with Fortinet’s advanced next-generation firewall technology. A globally recognised leader in network security, Fortinet’s range of products will ensure your business assets are safe from malicious third parties.

Enable true real-time defence with AI-powered FortiGuard Services and catch threats before they become dangerous

Reduce the cost of security with Fortinet’s SSL inspection, Web filtering, and intrusion prevention

Block and monitor web activities to assist with government regulations and enforcement of internet usage policies

Protect against malware, exploits, and malicious websites in both encrypted and unencrypted traffic

Application-Aware Routing & Traffic Prioritisation

Build your network around what’s most important to your business. Direct your internet traffic along the right path with application-aware routing, which will ensure your critical applications set preference to high-quality, low latency fibre links while sending less critical data over more cost-effective broadband or cellular links. Load balance traffic over multiple links, prefer links based on application needs, and perform intelligent application SLA-based failover.

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Effortless Management

Whatever the size of your IT team, Fortinet’s provisioning and management features will save you time, money and headaches. Organisations with remote offices and employees can benefit from the same security and blazing fast internet, while you keep an eye on the entire network from afar.

Simple and powerful central cloud-based provisioning

Auto discovery allows you to roll out new technology and upgrade devices painlessly

Self-management tools allow you to monitor your network environment remotely and enforce policies from anywhere

Detect devices instantly – set up policies and empower new users without needing to be on-site

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Deploy bleeding-edge innovation effortlessly

Regardless of the size of your organisation, Fortinet’s product suite will help you get connected and scale while maintaining the utmost level of security. From small businesses and satellite edge offices, through to large campus and enterprise networks, Fortinet has you covered – with centralised management, your IT team will have complete control at all times.

  • FortiGate Routers
  • Dynamic, Secure Fortinet Switches
  • Market-Leading Access Points
  • Resilient Cellular Data Extenders
  • FortiGate FWF-40F 3G/4G

  • FortiGate 60F

  • FortiGate 100F

  • FortiGate 200F

FortiGate FWF-40F 3G/4G

Ideal for smaller offices and branch locations, the FortiGate FWF-40F 3G/4G features 5x Gigabit Ethernet ports, and built-in 4G failover – eliminate the risk of downtime with this device! With IPsec VPN throughput of 4.4 Gbps and 600 Mbps Threat Protection, you can also be sure that the FortiGate FWF-40F will not be the bottleneck to a secure IT environment.

FortiGate 60F

The highly expandable FortiGate 60F is ideal to meet growing business needs. With IPsec VPN Throughput of 6.5 Gbps and 700 Mbps Threat Protection, the FG-60F will handle the traffic needs as the business grows. With FortAP and FortiExtender, the FG-60F can add Wi-Fi and 4G Failover when the business is ready for resilience.

FortiGate 100F

Medium-sized enterprises will benefit from the massive data capabilities of the FortiGate-100F. IPsec VPN Throughput of 11.5 Gbps and 2,500 maximum IPsec Tunnels, backed with 1 Gbps of Threat Protection, can facilitate the modern, business office environment, while FortiAP and FortiExtender products can add Wi-Fi and 4G Failover protection to ensure minimal downtime.

FortiGate 200F

The ideal solution for the modern enterprise, the best-in-breed FortiGate FG-200F facilitates 2,500 IPsec Tunnels with VPN Throughput of 13 Gbps and 3 Gbps Threat Protection. Even the most dynamic, media-heavy organisations will be able to operate seamlessly and securely with these specifications, and Wi-Fi and 4G Failover can be added via FortiAP and FortiExtender if the enterprise wishes to eliminate downtime.

  • FortiSwitch 108E-FPOE

  • FortiSwitch 124F-FPOE

  • FortiSwitch 148F-FPOE

FortiSwitch 108E-FPOE

Your small business will love the FortiSwitch 108E-FPOE. With 8x PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 2x SFP ports, this Secure Access Switch is easy to manage (via the FortiGate interface), and that makes this device easy to manage for organisations of all sizes – and ideal for remote and edge deployments!

FortiSwitch 124F-FPOE

For medium-sized businesses, the 24 PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 4x 10 Gigabit SFP+ ports of the FortiSwitch 124F-FPOE can comfortably handle the growing needs of your company. FortiLink, built into this FortiSwitch family, is an innovative management protocol that allows the FortiGate Next Generation Firewall to seamlessly manage your FortiSwitch, giving your company true enterprise-class security at the switch.

FortiSwitch 148F-FPOE

The big switch for larger office environments, the FortiSwitch 148F-FPOE features 48x PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet ports and 4x 10 Gigabit SPF+ ports for the fastest available computing. With the same single pane of glass management and security features of other FortiSwitch models, the 148F-FP0E will have your entire organisation humming like clockwork.

FortiAP 231F

Deliver a great, affordable Wi-Fi solution for your small office or shopfront with the FortiAP 231F. This indoor access point offers a Tri-Radio and 2×2 WiFi 6 (802.11ax) to connect your devices to.

  • FortiExtender FEX-211E

  • FortiExtender FEX-511F

FortiExtender FEX-211E

Need additional resilience within your organisation? Leverage the FortiExtender FEX-211E as a failover device for FortiGate Firewalls. The FortiExtender FEX-211E is a market-leading device, offering a CAT-12 (600 Mbps) 4G LTE Modem with dual SIM support for durable, resilient wireless broadband, backed by Cloud based management. The Extender can be placed to maximize cellular signal strength via Ethernet up to 100m from the FortiGate appliance without using lossy antenna cables or limited strength USB modems.
FortiExtender FEQ 211E.

FortiExtender FEX-511F

Need even faster speeds for your failover link? Leverage the FortiExtender FEX-511F as a failover device for FortiGate Firewalls. The FortiExtender FEX-511F is a market-leading device, offering a 5G Modem with dual SIM support and 4 x 5G/LTE/GNSS All-in-One Antennas for durable, resilient wireless broadband, backed by Cloud based management. The Extender can be placed to maximize cellular signal strength via Ethernet up to 100m from the FortiGate appliance without using lossy antenna cables or limited strength USB modems.
FortiExtender FEQ 211E.

Software Products and Features

All Fortinet products come with two different license variants: the Basic Package, which includes FortiCare, and the Advanced Package, which is a Unified Threat Protection solution that includes the full suite of software options. Leverage Fortinet’s expertise and market-leading software to help maximise your appliances investments.

  • Next-Gen Firewall
  • Self-Service
  • Intelligent Reporting
  • Automated Deployment

Next-Generation Firewall

A recognised leader in security, Fortinet will deliver next-generation firewalls that will protect your environments from any threats.

Enable true real-time defence with AI-powered FortiGuard Services – catch threats before they become dangerous
Reduce the cost of security by eliminating the need for end-point products with Fortinet’s SSL inspection, Web filtering, and intrusion prevention
Deliver zero-trust security. The future of security best practice is available with Fortinet’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
Protect against malware, exploits, and malicious websites in both encrypted and unencrypted traffic


Simplify the management of your operations with FortiPortal. Control the environment from anywhere and deliver deep data-driven insights back to the organisation based on network performance.

Access a Single Sign-on Portal to manage both Fortinet NGFW and SD-WAN
Automation-enabled management of Fortinet devices takes the pressure off your IT teams
Cloud-based network management streamlines the provisioning of all new devices, allowing you to grow effortlessly


Achieve true real-time network visibility. Collect telemetry data across all deployments and sites, and identify anomalies the moment they occur. FortiAnalyzer Cloud is a cloud-based central logging and reporting service that gives you control at all times and anywhere.

Single Sign-on Portal allows access from anywhere in the world
Extensive reporting templates allow you to draw up the data in whatever format you prefer


Manage the ever-evolving threat landscape by leveraging FortiDeploy to simplify the deployment of new security solutions. FortiDeploy allows for simplified import and at-scale provisioning of FortiGate next-generation firewalls without needing a large security IT team to manage the project.

True zero-touch provisioning allows for security to be deployed without the need for an IT team on the ground
Deploy and manage in bulk – from the management console, deliver security to all connected Fortinet devices with a single click