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Disaster Support

Preparing for the unexpected.

Our roots are in regional Victoria, and we know only too well the impact fires and floods can have on communities. The best way we can help ourselves and our communities is to prepare for the unexpected.

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getting ready for the unknown
Tips for disaster preparedness

How to prepare for emergencies.

With extreme weather events becoming more frequent, it's important for all Australians to be prepared for emergencies. Here are 10 tips you can follow to get ready for when disaster strikes:

  1. Prepare emergency contacts:

    Keep a physical list of emergency contacts handy, including local emergency services, family members, and friends.

  2. Invest in backup chargers:

    Understand how much battery life your devices have and plan accordingly. Purchase portable power banks or check if your home internet has a battery backup so you can stay connected.

  3. Stay connected:

    Invest in a repeater device to extend Wi-Fi coverage around your property, ensuring connectivity during emergencies. Enable Wi-Fi Calling on your devices to stay connected even if 3G, 4G, or 5G networks fail during emergencies. You should also consider alternative methods of communication, such as a corded phone or satellite phone in case there is poor network connectivity.

  4. Download emergency apps:

    Download emergency services apps to receive real-time updates and assistance during disasters.

  5. Check for outages:

    Regularly check for outage advisories via MyAussie® or on the outage advisory page of our website to stay informed about service disruptions.

  1. Back up your data:

    Regularly back up your important data to cloud storage or external drives to prevent loss during emergencies.

  2. Keep cash on hand:

    Have cash readily available as EFTPOS or ATMs may not work during power or telecommunication outages.

  3. Create an emergency plan:

    Prepare an emergency plan and share it with your family and friends so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.

  4. Stay informed:

    Monitor local and commercial radio and television stations, as well as local emergency service websites and social media feeds. You could also consider purchase a battery-powered radio to stay informed with emergency broadcasts and updates.

  5. Follow emergency personnel advice:

    Follow advice from emergency personnel on the ground and Emergency Alert phone messages if received.

Emergency services

Getting the help you need.

Here are some quick links to crucial emergency services and information:

  • Emergency Alert logo

    Emergency Alert

    The national warning system used to send messages to landlines and mobile phones about potential emergencies.
    Visit website
  • Bureau of Meteorology logo

    Bureau of Meteorology

    Find the latest information on severe weather warnings and forecasts on the BOM warnings page.
    Visit website
  • Australian Red Cross logo

    Australian Red Cross

    The Australian Red Cross offers information and resources on emergencies and disasters across Australia.
    Visit website
Disaster relief

Keeping you connected.

If you've been impacted by a disaster, here are some helpful services you can access in the MyAussie® app or portal:

  • Check if your connection is still online to your property.

  • Divert your VoIP phone number at any time.
    (Note: Diverting your number is free, but there may be additional costs associated with calls being redirected.)

  • Set up a payment plan at any time, without the need to speak to anyone.

  • Organise a relocation of your service.

Check for outages

All outages impacting our services are posted live.

We may also offer the following disaster support:

  • Initial services/discounts valued at up to $250 for any customer who has lost their home or been significantly impacted by disaster.

  • Services/discounts valued at up to $80 for any volunteer working for extended periods on disaster relief.

Financial hardship support
Don't forget our range of financial hardship support options are also available.
Helping communities connect

Are you an emergency volunteering organisation?

We know there are many Aussies already doing great work protecting communities from disaster. We hope to make that just a bit easier with our Helping Communities Connect programme, providing discounted services, sponsorship or help from our volunteers!

Apply now
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