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Sunday 17 Feb 2019 | 3 min read

NBN for enterprise – what businesses should know

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With the roll out of the nbn™ more than half complete, fast and reliable business grade internet is now a reality. And if your enterprise is thinking about or in the planning stages of making the switch, this article covers everything you need to know about nbn™ for enterprise.

What is nbn™ for enterprise?

nbn™ for enterprise is business grade nbn™ phone and internet solutions for medium to large businesses. It gives you a choice of providers, a range of cost effective, high speed broadband solutions, and the opportunity to connect to technologies that will optimise the way you do business.

What businesses can benefit from nbn™ for enterprise?

nbn co has produced a range of wholesale solutions to suit all types of enterprise. From SMEs requiring multiple phone lines, cloud storage and fast upload speeds through to government and large organisations with a host of complex and wide ranging needs, nbn™ for enterprise has a solution for every business.

Types of nbn™ for enterprise

nbn co’s broadband network involves a mix of technologies and availability that will depend on the location(s) of your business. They include;

  • Fixed line connections – these utilise a physical line running to your business (FTTP, FTTB, HFC, FTTC and FTTN). The difference between each type is how it connects to your premises (i.e. directly, via copper phone line etc).

  • Fixed Wireless and satellite – this technology is used in regional and remote areas of the country, where premises are geographically spread out over a wide area.

How nbn co is improving nbn™ for enterprise

nbn co has recently announced a range of new business initiatives designed to make nbn™ for enterprise even more accessible for business. These include:

  • The accelerated launch of Enterprise Ethernet, a wholesale direct fibre broadband product offering enterprise grade high bandwidth and symmetrical speeds of up to 1Gbps.

  • Improvements to the nbn™ connection process to ensure connections are more streamlined through greater collaboration with customers and service providers.

  • The appointment of new enterprise engagement teams and technicians to help facilitate a smooth migration to business nbn™ for larger organisations with more complex requirements.

  • A new capped pricing model reducing some wholesale monthly charges for service providers, so they can offer more competitive prices to their business customers.

  • The announcement of a new partner program offering nbn™ training and accreditation for solution providers and IT consultants.

  • A business education campaign designed to educate customers on how to connect to the nbn™ network and the impact it will have on their businesses.

  • The introduction of wholesale fixed wireless and satellite enterprise products to help regional businesses to improve their efficiency and to access new markets.

How to choose an nbn™ service provider

Because nbn co is a wholesaler, you will need to connect to the new nbn™ business network through a service provider of your choice. There are a couple of things to keep in mind when comparing ISPs, who should ideally offer some or all of the following services:

  • A free static IP address – a single fixed IP address allows you to run your own server or set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to communicate securely with employees working remotely.

  • Business VoIP included – VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows you to make your business calls over your broadband connection for a fraction of the normal cost.

  • Unlimited uploads – allows you to video conference, share large files and perform other bandwidth hungry operations without having to worry about exceeding a monthly data allowance.

  • 24/7 support – a dedicated customer support hotline and support guarantees to ensure your business doesn’t suffer if you experience connection issues.

  • Bundling – special offers or discounts when you bundle your services with the same provider (i.e. internet, VoIP and mobile).

  • Choice of speeds – a range of internet speeds to suit every type of business (i.e. Aussie Broadband offers a choice of five different speeds from nbn™ 25/5 for sole traders up to nbn™ 250/100 for large enterprises).

You should never choose a service provider based on price alone, but rather you should look for the one who offers the best value for money to your business. And Aussie Broadband offers more value than most to our enterprise nbn™ customers.

Choose Aussie Broadband today

We provide national coverage, with an extensive backbone network across the country which includes data centres in every capital city and expert staff on hand to provide specialist advice.

We offer a range of key services including hosted PABX & SIP trunking, enterprise internet/business nbn™, enterprise internet, dark fibre, DSL, EoF, private IP, co-location & web hosting, hosted email & firewalls, virtual cloud connect, 4G mobiles, and more.

We also provide free Australian-based support from a team of expert technical specialists available 24/7. And, unlike any other Australian business communications provider, we offer an exclusive 6 month money back guarantee on services above $1,000/month. 

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