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Monday 4 Dec 2023 | 2 min read

Think like an Aussie: building what businesses need

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In the heart of every thriving economy lies small and medium businesses: The corner shops we rely on for our essentials (and the occasional treat), the restaurants and cafes that shape our culture, and the tradies that build and look after our communities – to name just a few.  

Online technologies have transformed the way businesses run. Phones have switched from traditional lines to Voice Over IP (VoIP), and meetings have moved from the boardroom to home offices across the country. Connected devices, cloud storage, and online software have become essential to efficiency. We’ve been a part of many of these changes, on our journey to change the game in telco in Australia. But we haven’t forgotten the pressures each decision and economic fluctuation brought when we too were a small business in regional Australia. 

Technology has been, and should continue to be, the business world's great equaliser. But that promise only holds true if there’s equal access. No small or medium business should be left behind because they can’t access the tech they need to compete with the top end of town. With internet connectivity increasingly essential to business prosperity, helping businesses better connect is central to one of our core values: being good to people.  

We’re so happy to share that after years of work, nbn®'s new Special Access Undertaking (SAU) variation will give businesses a well-deserved leg up. We're lowering the price of our high-speed business internet plans (100/40 and up) and introducing built for business nbn® plans: Business internet plans with premium features including additional support and service targets. 

And it's going to be a game-changer for small and medium businesses across Australia. 

A graphic showing the old and new prices of nbn plans avaiable as built for business nbn plans. They are as follows: 100/40 is now $105/month, down from $109, 250/100 is now $149/month, down from $209, 500/200 is now $199/month, down from $319, 1000/400 is now $299/month, down from $429

Throughout the journey to develop this new variation, we advocated for making higher speed internet more affordable and accessible – enabling you to confidently invest in your business’s future, knowing your internet won’t hold you back. Self-checkouts at a local grocer, online booking systems at hotels across the country, and state-of-art environmental monitoring for the even smallest construction jobs. These are just some of the ways better connectivity will revolutionise Aussie businesses.   

But we know you can’t fully commit your business to connected solutions without the peace of mind that you’ll get the support you need when it counts. We get it, which is why we’re backing our high-speed business nbn® plans with round-the-clock, business-grade support. Because businesses working outside “office hours”, shouldn’t have to wait all night for a quick nbn® fix, and it shouldn’t come at a premium.  

We’re levelling the playing field, giving businesses heavily discounted access to faster fault restoration times, known as enhanced Service Level Agreements (SLAs).. Formerly an upgrade worth $209/month, businesses on high-speed plans (250/100, 500/200, 1000/400) can now access a 4-hour eSLA at no extra cost as part of our new built for business bundles.  

It wasn't too long ago that Aussie Broadband was a small business based out of regional Victoria. In every decision we make as a company, we keep those roots in mind, remembering all the customers who helped us get where we are today. With our business services especially, our aim to is pave the way to more Australian success stories, one connection at a time.  

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