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High-speed business nbn™ fibre now available to more Australian businesses

With the nbn™ connecting more than 11.7 million addresses using a mix of technologies ‘in the last mile’ to homes and business across the country, many Australians were skeptical they would ever see fibre connections or ultrafast speeds – especially businesses.

Now, thanks to nbn™ Co’s fibre network expansion, more Australian businesses than ever will have affordable access to the fastest and most reliable connection available – business-grade fibre with Aussie Broadband.

Three reasons the nbn™ fibre rollout will benefit Australian businesses

1. Dedicated $0 fibre upgrades direct to business sites

Fibre connections have traditionally been inaccessible for a lot of Australian businesses due to the high cost of installation. Now wholesalers nbn™ Co are building infrastructure to allow 90 per cent of Australian businesses to upgrade from an old copper connection to high-speed fibre with a $0 fibre installation*.

2. Access to nbn™ 1000/1000 symmetrical plans

Many regional businesses have relegated the idea of attaining nbn™ 1000/1000 plans to a pipe dream. However, businesses across the country with fibre connections will have access to symmetrical plans ranging from nbn™ 100/100 to nbn™ 1000/1000, allowing regional businesses to compete more effectively with their metro counterparts.

3. Affordable nbn™ fibre plans to regional Australia

Under nbn™ Co’s $700 million plan to roll fibre connections out, 240 designated fibre zones will be established across the country over three years, with money also allocated to identify further fibre zones. Greater numbers of regional and small businesses in these zones will now have access to all the benefits of affordable fibre connections.

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All you need to know about our $0 fibre upgrades

What is nbn™ fibre internet?

Fibre internet connections are the fastest and most reliable form of nbn™ infrastructure available today. Unlike traditional copper cables that transmit electrical data, fibre-optic cables transmit signals of light, allowing for much higher bandwidths and speeds – currently up to nbn™ 1000/1000 plans. Fibre-optic infrastructure is also more durable than copper cables, and is less likely to be impacted by inclement weather and electrical or radio interference.

What can I expect from the installation process?

Once you’ve signed up for nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet with Aussie Broadband, the fibre optic cable needs to be built to your premises. The timeframe of this process can vary depending on the complexity of build requirements. Generally, however, our nbn™ approved construction partner will perform a site survey and create a detailed design of the service. You will receive a formal Land Access Notice (LAN) from nbn™ Co, including an installation period and details of the work plan. LAN documents can have a large date range – usually about three months. However, Aussie’s service delivery team will be in contact with a committed delivery date within the first 10 business days of the order being placed. When construction is finished, you can activate your nbn™ service and a field technician will test the network and equipment, and will let us know that you are ready to connect.

How can business nbn™ fibre upgrade help my business?

Fibre internet connections will help Australian businesses of all sizes future-proof their operations. From healthcare to finance, government organisations to professional services, everyday functions of business are increasingly migrating online. Australian companies will require high symmetrical speeds and high-capacity bandwidth to stay relevant in an increasingly digitised economy. Bypass the stress of disruptions and slow speeds with a fibre connection, and focus on building your business instead.

What is nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet?

Enterprise Ethernet is a business-grade dedicated fibre service that delivers connectivity with the highest speed, reliability and performance across the nbn™ Ethernet Access Network. Enterprise Ethernet uses fibre infrastructure to deliver robust and scalable connections to large businesses. Highly reliable, Enterprise Ethernet will keep your business moving. Access symmetrical bandwidth and traffic prioritisation for time-sensitive applications, such as video conferencing or CRM database queries, and insure your business against any downtime with 4G LTE failover, which will kick in if there are any issues with your nbn™ service.

nbn™ ™ Enterprise Ethernet differs from other nbn™ connections in that fibre infrastructure is built directly to the premises from the nbn™ fibre access node. It’s important to note that nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet operates on dedicated infrastructure that is separate to FTTP and other Multi Technology Mix connections.
nbn™ enterprise ethernet diagram
Source – nbn™Co

How can I get fibre internet in my area?

To see if you’re one of the 9 out of 10 Australian businesses eligible for a $0 fibre upgrade, fill out the form below to speak with our team. If you’re eligible, all you need to do is sign on to our nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet service and nbn™ Co will build the fibre infrastructure directly to your site to connect you to the business nbn™ fibre network.

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