The Challenge

Operating 17 radio stations across regional Victoria and New South Wales requires reliable telecommunication services. While broadcasting via satellite is relatively reliable, this can be a costly solution. When ACE Radio first moved to Aussie Broadband for their nbn™ services, the Aussie BB dedication to customer service and willingness to work with customers had ACE quickly signing with Aussie BB for other services.

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The Solution

Aussie Broadband suggested the use of Enterprise Ethernet (EE) for the broadcast of ACE Radio’s shows, citing that this would be a more cost effective solution compared to the existing satellite format. EE would also provide more bandwidth and allow for future scalability as their network grows.

This solution had never been attempted before and there was increased risk should the network fail for any reason. This would result in the broadcast being interrupted, which would result in loss of revenue for ACE and their sponsors. It was decided to transition the services slowly, with the first program moving to EE in 2017. Over the past few years, Aussie BB has worked closely with ACE to successfully transition the majority of their programs to EE broadcasting.

Dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for their clients, the team at Aussie Broadband designed an EE service with appropriate fail safes and backups to ensure continuity of service.

Services: Enterprise nbn™, nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet, Hosted PBX Phones, SIP Trunks, Private IP Networks, 4G Mobile

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The Result

The transition to EE broadcasting has been near seamless for ACE Radio.

Aussie Broadband has been super easy to deal with… nothing is ever too hard [and] there’s no handballing around.[It’s] nice not to deal with overseas call centres. We’re talking to someone who knows about us straight away, every time. All our issues get dealt with very fast.

– Brendan McIntosh, IT Manager

The Aussie Broadband customer service is second to none, underpinned by a proactive approach to problem solving. Whether it’s informing customers of service outages or just checking in to ensure services are running smoothly, Aussie Broadband honestly cares about their customers.

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