Aussie Broadband accepts ACCC ruling on “congestion-free”

September 7th, 2018.

ISP Aussie Broadband said today that it appreciated the ACCC’s choice in an administrative ruling, rather than a fine, over its use of the term “congestion-free” to describe its network.

Managing Director Phillip Britt said that during the ACCC’s investigation, the company was able to provide the ACCC with extensive evidence of how Aussie Broadband manages its network to avoid congestion.

“This evidence was also backed up by the ACCC’s most recent broadband monitoring results, which showed just 0.8% difference between our non-busy and busy period speeds,” he said.

“However, we accept that the ACCC works in absolutes, and that congestion-free is an absolute description. In accordance with the ruling, we’ve now removed that term from all our advertising and communications.”

Phil said Aussie Broadband will continue with its practices to manage congestion, such as stopping sales when customers in an area have hit 80% usage and there is a wait for more bandwidth upgrade.

“We’ll also continue to publish our daily CVC graphs so customers can see transparent evidence of our network capacity and usage,” he said.


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