Aussie Broadband announces national, international upgrades to scale to half a million users

February 6th, 2019.

Aussie Broadband has announced industry-leading upgrades to its core network that will allow the company to easily scale to half a million subscribers.

Managing Director Phillip Britt said that the company has selected Cisco as a primary network equipment vendor – specifically its ASR9K and NCS5500 platforms.

The new network design includes 400G backbone between POPs within the same state, 200G between Melbourne and Sydney, 100G between Perth and Sydney, 100G between Perth and Melbourne, 40G between Sydney and Brisbane, 20G between Adelaide and Sydney and 10G between Adelaide and Perth.  All links are on diverse paths.

“We’re also delighted to say that we will shortly complete protected 10G links to all NBN POIs other than Tasmania, with the final four links due in the next 30 days,” he said.

“This rollout has been a massive effort on behalf of all those involved – particularly our network team and our partners at Telstra Wholesale – but is starting to show strong benefits including a reduction in areas affected by our 80% stop-sell policy, and a reduced number of outages.”

Phil also announced a range of initiatives in Aussie Broadband’s international capacity.

He said that to date, Aussie has purchased IP Transit capacity through Telstra Wholesale with extensive domestic peering and content caches.

“I’m really pleased to announce that we have purchased capacity on both legs of Southern Cross and the new Hawaiki Cable system to San Jose and Los Angeles.  To match this, we will establish points of presence at Coresite SV1 in San Jose and Coresite One Wilshire in Los Angeles.

“We have also purchased capacity on the Vocus Australia Singapore Cable and will acquire capacity on Indigo West once available, again to be matched by a point of presence at Equinix SG1 in Singapore.”

Phil said the international POPs will allow Aussie Broadband to establish further peering relationships and ensure tighter control over how its traffic enters the network.

“The end goal is always improving the customer experience.  Customers will enjoy an even better performance from their streaming services and gamers will notice a reduction in ping times.”

He also noted that in January, Aussie Broadband connected its 100,000th customer and now has over 100,000 nbn services connected.

“This network upgrade will support our continued rapid growth,” he said.

Both national and international projects are expected to be complete in late April.

International Link Map



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