Aussie Broadband welcomes NBN wholesale discount plans

November 28th, 2019.

Aussie Broadband has welcomed the NBN’s plans for a range of new wholesale bundles and higher speed packages.

NBN released the pricing today after a five-month pricing consultation.

Managing Director, Phil Britt said the NBN has listened really well to the concerns of retail service providers (RSPs).

“We believe today’s announcement from NBN is good news for many customers, specifically relating to higher speed plans and bandwidth provision.”

Phil said there is an increased focus from NBN on a new 100/20 tier (a slightly different product to the current 100/40 tier) to encourage customers to move onto 100 download speeds.

“As a result, we will probably see prices drop for this speed tier in the coming months,” he said.

He was also pleased to see NBN include enough bandwidth in its wholesale plans, something Aussie Broadband has been pushing strongly for.

“The increased CVC that NBN is going to include in its wholesale plans means that even though customers are continuing to increase their data usage, they should continue to see good bandwidth performance from their providers for the next 12 months,” he said.

He said Aussie Broadband is also extremely pleased with the news that NBN will allow providers to pool all their bandwidth (CVC) nationally.

“This means we can manage bandwidth peaks and troughs at a national level rather than at each of the 121 points of interconnect (POIs) across Australia, and saving considerable effort and ‘overage’ costs,” said Phil.

Previously, RSPs were only able to pool CVC within a geographical region connected to a POI.

Over the years, Aussie Broadband has strongly advocated to the NBN for more included data capacity and better value for money.

“We would like to see more work done on affordable plans for price-sensitive customers, but we recognise that will probably require a political mandate,” said Phil.


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