Game Changing MyAussie app wins Canstar Blue Award

April 2nd, 2020.

Canstar Blue Award for Innovation Excellence

Aussie Broadband’s MyAussie app has been awarded the 2020 Canstar Blue Award for ‘Innovation Excellence’.

Managing Director, Phil Britt said he was delighted with the news and praised the company’s in-house development team.

“We’re here to change the game. We want to change telco in Australia. I want to personally thank our team of developers for creating this industry-leading app,” said Phil.

MyAussie was built by Aussie Broadband’s in-house development team in just 45 days.

The judges said the MyAussie app is a shining example of innovative excellence within the industry.

The app offers innovative features for customers that have never been seen before from a big telco player, designed to give customers much more control of their own service – through both functions and information.

Judges said some of the standout features of the app included allowing users to:

Test their service at the touch of a button, including connection tests, state tests, loopback tests and port resets, with a Plain English explanation of what each of these things do.

Apply a stability profile (often required by NBN before a fault can be lodged), something previously only able to be implemented by one of our staff.

Check their service’s previous fault history and any speed tests attached to the account.

Amongst many other features, MyAussie offers customers the ability to “kick” their own connection. This basically restarts a service all the way through the network, rather than just at a modem level on premises. It’s a much more thorough version of “turn it off and then on again.”

Phil Britt said the company has seen a huge rise in customers using the app in response to COVID-19.

“We’ve seen very high customer demand with people working from home because of the COVID-19 virus. As a result, we’re directing our customers to use our free MyAussie app or portal. The message is getting through because more and more people are using the app,” Phil said.

So far, nearly 85,000 customers have used the app. That’s more than 40 percent of active customers since its launch.

The app also allows customers to apply for payment plans. This has had a big social impact by allowing customers facing financial hardship to manage their own arrangements without the need to speak to anyone.

Last year, Aussie Broadband also won the Canstar Blue Award for Most Satisfied nbn™ Customers.

More information about Aussie Broadband can be found here.


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