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Wednesday 18 Oct 2023 | 4 min read

Making the most of your entertainment with Fetch

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There are so many options for TV and streaming today that it can be hard to keep track of everything you want to watch. Fetch will help you simplify your home entertainment.

What is Fetch?

Fetch is a small box that plugs into your TV and works over your Aussie Broadband nbn® connection. It brings together loads of the entertainment you love, all in one place with one simple menu and one remote.

Basically, Fetch is an entertainment hub that the whole family can enjoy together!

There are two Fetch boxes to choose from – the Mini and the Mighty. They can be used to watch, pause, and rewind Free-to-Air TV and premium channels. The Fetch boxes also provide access to apps for other streaming services that you might use, such as Netflix, Disney+, Stan, Prime Video, Paramount+, hayu, Britbox and YouTube.

Additionally, the Mighty box has a 1 terabyte hard drive, so you can record up to 585 hours of TV.

Once a Fetch box is connected to your TV, you’ll never need another option for all of your entertainment.

All your entertainment, easy.

Discover Aussie Broadband's Fetch bundles with channel packs to suit every household!

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* Subscription required for Netflix, Disney+, Stan, Prime Video, Paramount+, hayu and Britbox. 4K resolution requires 15+ Mbps broadband, 4K content and a 4K TV.

What’s available through Fetch?

Fetch combines the best of all the different ways to get your entertainment fix. It provides big screen access to fee-based subscriptions such as Netflix, Disney+, Stan, Amazon’s Prime Video, Paramount+, hayu and Britbox, as well as free apps such as YouTube, ABC iView, SBS on Demand, 7+, 9Now, and TENplay.

Channel packs

In addition to the streaming apps available, you can also add Channel Packs to your plan from just $6 each per month with no lock-in contracts.

With Fetch, you can feast your eyes on over 40 premium channels across four different Channel Packs:

  • Kids (includes Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., BBC Kids and more).

  • Knowledge (includes Discovery Channel, BBC Earth, MSNBC, HGTV and more).

  • Vibe (includes ESPN, MTV, Comedy Central and more).

  • Variety (includes BBC First, Universal TV, Oxygen and TLC and more).

Screeenshot of the Channel Packs available through an Aussie Broadband Fetch TV subscription. From left to right, it says: "KIDS" with BBC Kids, Cbeebies, Nick Jr., Nick Music, Nickelodeon, ZooMoo, and BabyTv. Next is "KNOWLEDGE" with Discovery, Animal Planet, BBC Brit, BBC Earth, BBC News, Trvl Channel, Food Network, HGTV, MSNBC, Curiosity, Love Nature, and "plus 7 more". Next is "VIBE", which has ESPN, MTV, Comedy Central, EDGE, ESPN2, Fashion TV,  Club MTV and MTV hits. Last is "VARIETY", which includes BBC First, BBC UKTV, CMT, Discovery Turbo, ID, MTV Classic, Oxygen, TLC, Universal, Cmusic.

You can choose a combination of channel packs that suits your interests, or alternatively, you can buy the “Ultimate Pack "to access all the channels for just $20 per month. Your channel preferences won’t be locked in - and you can add or remove Channel Packs at any time, which makes it easy for you to manage your viewing options and your budget.

Check out full details of our Fetch plans here.

All Fetch plans from Aussie Broadband also include Movie Box, which brings you 30 free pre-selected movies at any time, with a new one added daily. Check out what movies are currently available on Movie Box here.

You can also access the Fetch Movie Store with over 10,000 movies to buy or rent, including all the latest releases. In addition, you have access to the TV Store where you can buy individual episodes or entire seasons of hundreds of popular shows including Game of Thrones, Outlander, The Walking Dead, Succession, Mare of Easttown and many more.

Movie Box

Movie Box is a feature that lets you enjoy 30 movies every month, with a new one added every day. You can choose from a variety of genre – such as kids, comedy, action, drama, and more.

You can watch the movies on your Fetch box or on your mobile app. Movie Box is included in all of Aussie Broadband’s Fetch subscriptions, and is great excuse to call your mates over for regular movie nights in!

Remote control with Voice Search

No more typing, just use your voice to search across movies, TV shows, channels and streaming apps with the Fetch Bluetooth Voice Remote, - included with the Fetch Mini box and available from Fetch directly here.

Multi-room viewing

Fetch Multiroom is a feature that allows you to connect up to three Fetch boxes (maximum one Mighty box and two Mini units) from the same account to enjoy different shows in different rooms of your house.

You can share rentals, purchases, and Channel Pack subscriptions between the boxes, as well as watch recordings done on your Mighty box from another room.

Fetch Multiroom is useful for large households where different people have different preferences and schedules for watching TV. You can avoid fighting over the remote and watch what you want – and when you want – with Fetch Multiroom!

What do I need to use Fetch with my TV?

Fetch requires a quality broadband internet connection, such as an unlimited NBN plan from Aussie Broadband. You’ll also need a TV and an antenna to access Free-to-Air TV.

Even with an unlimited internet plan, streaming can demand higher speeds (especially if you love 4K content!). To calculate roughly how much speed you’ll need while running Fetch or other video streaming services, we recommend checking out our guide on How much download speed does streaming use?.

Are you interested in experiencing the entertainment options offered by Aussie Broadband with Fetch? Check if you’re available for an unlimited NBN data plan with Aussie Broadband here.


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