Wideband breaks into the enterprise market with six month guarantee

June 13th, 2017 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. Aaron O'Keeffe

In an immense show of confidence, Wideband Networks – the corporate/enterprise arm of Aussie Broadband – is putting its money where its mouth is with a six-month customer satisfaction guarantee.

The offer is that if customers are not happy with their Wideband services six months after the date of final installation, they will get their money back. Managing Director Phillip Britt said the guarantee is part of the Aussie Broadband group’s strongly-held “no [email protected]” approach to business.

“Wideband is our arm focusing on custom-built solutions for government, enterprise and larger or multi-location customers,” he said.

“It’s a service we’ve been providing for more than 13 years, formerly under the Aussie Broadband branding. Although we offer a premium bespoke service, we know that not many people in the market would be aware that Wideband exists. However, nearly all our original customers are still with us, and we believe the guarantee gives a pretty good indication about how confident we are in what we do. And in the spirit of no [email protected], if we’re not providing a great service, we should be prepared to allow the customer to walk away.”

Wideband’s National Sales Manager, Aaron O’Keeffe, said the company’s bespoke approach has particularly appealed to large businesses and enterprises that are fed up with a cookie cutter approach from larger telcos.

“Wideband and Aussie are really problem-solvers at heart – we have a strong understanding of the telco challenges of operating larger businesses, particularly across multiple locations,” he said.

“We have a rock-solid technical and provisioning team who can come up with innovative ways to provide solutions in areas where other telcos will just walk away. Wideband follows a very similar philosophy to Aussie Broadband – we focus on telco services that just work.”

For more information about Wideband, please visit wideband.net.au or phone 1300 161 625.

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