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Discover how Aussie Broadband helped Investigator College get the best value for money with Education nbn®.

The challenge

As a low fee independent school in South Australia with over 700 students enrolled from early learners to year 12, we must make sure that we are receiving the best possible service at the best possible price from all of our suppliers.

With this in mind, our internet connection was no longer serving the needs of all students and staff due to the size of the connection and the number of online services being used by the school.

We needed to upgrade the connection but quickly found that what we required was going to cost too much using carrier fibre optic and the basic nbn® plans being offered by telcos didn't have the features or the guarantees of service we needed.

The solution

We came across some advertising promoting an innovative new nbn® service specifically designed for education (Education nbn®).

The Aussie Broadband Education nbn® service offers us a full speed 250/100Mbps low contention ratio service during school hours but brings the download speed down to 100/100Mbps out of school hours.

This is the perfect solution for our school as it gives us everything we need including IP BGP routing, so we can use our own IP range and the speed we need at a cost that fits within our budget.

The result

Using this innovative nbn® product for education service allows us to continue to provide the best educational outcomes and value for money for our parents.

“The Aussie Broadband team - from the salespeople, technicians to the over the phone support personnel -have done a fantastic job of implementing our new eduWide internet service,” said ICT Manager Matthew Western.

“The best thing about this service is that we always get the speeds we are paying for but if there is an issue, the Aussie Broadband support staff are great to deal with.”

“With all students in years 10-12 required to take part in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device Program) it is important to have a reliable fast internet connection. We certainly have this and a relationship with Aussie Broadband which makes us feel like a partner rather than a number.”

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