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Your nbn™ CVC on full display

One of the biggest internet issues in Australia is network congestion on the nbn™, so we’ve put our CVC’s (Connectivity Virtual Circuits) on show for all to see.

When you check the graph for your Point of Interconnect (POI), you can instantly see how much traffic there was in your region for the previous 24 hours, compared to how much CVC (kind of like bandwidth) we had available.

We continuously monitor our POI CVC graphs and if usage starts to approach the current limit, we upgrade capacity.

Sometimes, larger-scale back-haul upgrades can take time and in those cases, we will stop selling to new customers on a POI when usage exceeds an acceptable level, so that existing customers avoid congestion.

Stop-sells are lifted when upgrades are complete.

If you are experiencing speed issues and it’s not showing on your CVC graph, we recommend calling our support team on 1300 880 905 as there can be other causes (such as local wifi interference).

If you are not sure of which POI you are connected to, see our POI checker page.

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