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Scam Calls – How to identify them?

Last Updated: Friday 28 Apr 2023

Scam Calls are on the rise and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decipher whether it’s real or a scam. This information section will list the most recent scam calls to keep you in the know.

Types of Scam Calls:

The latest scam call is a person pretending to be the nbn® Co. They inform you that maintenance will be performed and your internet will be disconnected. They then try to get your personal and financial details.

*Do not trust anyone calling to inform you that your internet will be disconnected. Instead, hang up and call us directly on 1300 880 905. That way you know what’s fact and what’s a scam.

Do you wish to keep your phone number?

This auto dialer scam call will start off with a variation of the following: The nbn® is about to go live in your area. If you wish to keep your phone number, please press 1 now. 

DO NOT press 1. 

If you get this call, please hang up your phone. This is not part of the process to converting your fixed phone over to VoIP. If you have concerns about losing your phone number, do not hesitate to call us on 1300 880 905. We will double check your account.

Aussie Broadband will never call you and request you to press 1 to keep your phone number.

Your phone will be disconnected by X date.

This is another scam call circulating around and it’s confusing because the nbn® is removing legacy copper connections. However, Aussie Broadband will not call you to simply say that your phone will be disconnected in 2 weeks. If you have submitted a phone port with us, don’t hesitate to call us to check up on the application.

You have a debt to the ATO and they will give 50% off if you pay in the form of iTunes or Google Play cards.

The ATO are not going to call you and demand payment in the form of iTunes or Google Play. If you are concerned about this, then it’s advised to call the ATO directly. Call the ATO directly, do not call any numbers the scammer provides. You can find more about this scam on the ATO Website.

I think I’ve received a scam call, what should I do?

If you are ever concerned about a call that claims to be from Aussie Broadband or NBN, then call us on 1300 880 905. We are not able to stop scammers from calling your number. If you receive another type of scam call, report the scam caller to Scam Watch.

I may be a victim of a scam, what do I do?

If you have sent money or provided bank or personal details to a scammer, then it’s advised to file a police report immediately. I would also advise contacting your bank and consider taking swift action to prevent any theft.

How do I report a scam?

You can report scams to the ACCC Scamwatch here. We do not report scams on your behalf, but we can check up on your account and confirm that phone numbers, etc are safe from disconnection.

If you are an Aussie Broadband customer and receive a scam call or SMS, you can let us know here:

Scam call:

Scam SMS:

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