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We make moving home a little less stressful

Moving home can be as stressful as it is exciting, so we do our best to make the experience a little easier. Select whether you are a new or existing customer to see how easy the process can be for having your brand new home connected.

Switching to Aussie Broadband while moving your home

As a new customer, we recommend giving as much notice as possible to our team. This way, if you do require an appointment with an nbn™ technician, then we can schedule the work to be complete by the time you move in. No one wants to be without Wi-Fi, so it pays to be prepared! There are a few steps you will need to when moving house as a new customer.

Know your connection date

You will need to know your connection date so we can organise which date the property will be connected. It is best to let us know as soon as possible but as a general rule of thumb, if the property you are moving into has not yet been connected to the nbn™, a new connection will take approximately two weeks. If your property has previously been connected to the nbn™, most connections will be active within a couple of hours!

Check your hardware

Your connection will require an nbn™ compatible modem to be used. If you are changing across from another provider your modem should work for your internet but may locked to your old provider. If you would like to transfer a VOIP service with your existing modem, we suggest contacting our customer service team on 1300 905 880.

Choose your plan

We have a wide range of options, so you can find a plan thats perfect for your needs. Use our plan builder to see our range of plans that we offer.

Enter your address to see our nbn™ plans available to you

Choose one of our popular unlimited data plans, or click on the "build your own" tab, mix and match speed and data options. Find the perfect plan for your needs.

Relocating your Aussie Broadband service to your new home

Relocating your Aussie Broadband service is as easy as completing our signup process with your new address. There are a couple of ways in which we recommend doing so. All you need to have is the following information.

  • Your new address
  • Your moving date
  • Your My Aussie login details OR your customer number.

Sign in to My Aussie

Use the "Relocate my service" button in the My Aussie portal. This can be found at the bottom of the menu after clicking on your service in the "Home" section, as shown in the image below.

Frequently asking questions about moving home

Can I choose what date my service is connected at my new address?

Yes, if you’re using either the MyAussie Portal or website to relocate your service, you can select the date you wish to stop services at your current address and the date you want the new location connected.
Alternatively, once you have the dates that you will be moving, simply give our Sales team a call on 1300 880 905 and they can assist with the relocation process.

Will I be charged if there is a gap between the move out and move in dates?

Our accounts team can pro rata your monthly payment so you’re not paying for days when the service isn’t connected. They can even adjust your invoices to ensure your new location aligns with your current billing cycle – so if you always paid on the 15th, then that can continue.

What do I need to do on the day of the move?

When it comes to your internet service – nothing, we’ll take care of getting your service connected at your new address. We’ll send you a text message once your service is active at your new address and once your service is up and running, you will be able to plug in your modem.

Are there any fees associated with relocating?

Aussie Broadband does not charge a ‘relocation fee’.
However, an extra charge may apply if you’re connecting to the nbn™ network and the property is in a new development. A New Development Fee is $300.00, and we will inform you upon signup if this fee may apply.

How long does a relocation take?

If your new address has been connected on the nbn™ previously, it’s likely that you can be connected in as little as 15 minutes.
If we find that we can’t automatically activate your service, or an appointment is needed for your connection at your new address, we try to have you connected within 5 working days.

Please note: Following the extreme weather events across Australia and also the impact that COVID-19 is having, it may take longer than usual to be connected. nbn™ is working hard to reduce the impact to customers.

Will a technician appointment be needed?

A technician may need to visit if your new address:

  • Is being connected to the nbn™ network for the first time
  • Hasn’t had a phone line connected previously or for a long period of time

If an nbn™ technician is needed you may need to be available at the property, we will let you know in advance. If someone does need to be at home, they must be over 18 and will need to be there for the whole appointment, to let the installer in, and agree where the equipment should be located. Remember you have the right to have a say in where the equipment is located in your home, as long as it works in that location.

Do I need a new modem when relocating?

In many cases you won’t need a new modem. However, if your existing modem/router isn’t compatible with your new connection (moving from ADSL, for example), you will need to purchase a new one.
Aussie Broadband can supply a router, to see our full nbn™ compatible range of routers click here.

How do I connect my modem?

Whether you’re using a modem supplied by Aussie Broadband or bringing your own, you can find our setup guides for each nbn™ connection type here.

How much notice do I need to give Aussie Broadband before moving?

We recommend submitting the relocation either online or by giving our Sales team a call on 1300 880 905 as soon as you know the dates that you will be moving.
The more notice you give, the more likely we can have your service(s) connected at the new address on your preferred day – especially if a technician is required for the connection.

What if the previous occupant at my new address has not disconnected their service?

It’s unlikely, but if this is the case, we’ll let you know, and you’ll need to provide documentation to prove that you’re moving into the new address. Proof of Occupancy documentation may include:

  • Lease Agreement
  • Rental Agreement (Residential or Commercial Tenancy Agreement)
  • Contract of Sale (must be signed, and include settlement date)
  • Rates Notice
  • Utility Bill, such as Water, Gas or Electricity

What information do I need to provide for a home phone relocation?

We first need permission from the phone lease holder, if this is not you, then you will need this person with you when you make the relocation call.

We need the exact address details of the new location, and if you have the old phone number of that location, this would also be beneficial.
Advise us of the date you wish to have your old service disconnected and your new service connected.

What should I be aware of during a home phone relocation?

There are a couple of things to be aware of when relocating your home phone:

  • Phone relocations generally take three working days, providing that a new line or a technician visit is not required.
  • You will not always be able to keep your existing phone number. If this is the case, we’ll let you know before we proceed with the relocation of your home phone.

Can I take my VoIP number with me if I relocate?

If you’ve been assigned a two-way or incoming number, and you’re relocating within the same town, you can keep your current number. However, in the event that you’re moving to a different area, we will have to assign you a new number.

Can I keep my phone number?

In most cases yes, however this can depend on a few factors and you may not always be able to keep your existing phone number. If this is the case, we’ll let you know before we proceed with the relocation of your home phone.

There are a few tips to make the relocation of your phone service a smooth one:

  • If your home phone is currently using a copper connection and you’re moving to VoIP, we would need to keep your service active at your old address until the porting process is complete in order to ensure you keep your existing number.
  • If your phone service is using a VoIP connection and already with Aussie Broadband, we can relocate your service with your existing phone number.
  • If your phone service is using a VoIP connection and with another provider, you would need to keep your service active with your old provider until the porting process is complete in order to ensure you keep your existing number.
  • If the service is closed by your previous provider before the porting has completed, then we will need to try to retrieve the number, which has a re-connection fee of $30. Porting takes, on average, 8 business days, however complex service and fax lines can take up to 6 weeks.