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CVC Graphs

We constantly check our CVC capacity. You can too.

Keep us honest by checking our nbn® CVC graphs for your Point of Interconnect (POI) over the last 24 hour period.

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What are Connectivity Virtual Circuits (CVCs) anyway?

CVCs. POIs. Bandwidth. Ping. All these network terms can be confusing and overwhelming to the layman, and CVCs are easily the top offender. The best way to understand CVCs is to think of it as the bandwidth relationship between us here at Aussie Broadband, and nbn® co - the company who owns the nbn® infrastructure.

In the same way that if you have an nbn® 100 plan, the theoretical “maximum” bandwidth you can get is 100Mbps, CVCs determine the “maximum” bandwidth that Aussie Broadband can get from nbn® co in your specific location.

Confused? Sorry. Let's do a car metaphor. You're driving home from work on the Monash. Even if the speed limit (your nbn® plan) is 100km/hr, you probably won't be able to actually drive that fast due to the congestion on the road (and probably some annoying roadworks). But let's imagine you can magically, instantly add and remove lanes from a road. We (Aussie Broadband) can purchase additional lanes (CVCs) which eases the congestion and gets you back to your 100 km/hr speed limit. Home in time for The Block!

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