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Mobiles give freedom (and so should your phone plan)

Most big telcos make you sign a 24-month contract just to get a post-paid mobile service. The problem is you don’t have freedom to change if the plan doesn’t suit you anymore, or you aren’t happy with the service. At Aussie Broadband we believe our service is so good you’ll stay without being locked-in to a contract. Plus our plans are great value, with big data allowances and all calls + texts included. All you have to do is bring your own phone (and have someone to talk to)!

Mobile Phone Plans should be flexible, so we’ve got something for everyone

1GB$15per monthContact us 2GB$19per monthContact us Most popular 10GB$29per monthContact us 15GB$39per monthContact us 30GB$49per monthContact us 60GB$69per monthContact us
Cost of 1GB $15 $9.50 $2.90 $2.60 $1.63 $1.15
National Calls & SMS Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Basic IDD
No Lock-in Contract
BYO Handset
Data Blocks $10 per GB $10 per GB $10 per GB $10 per GB $10 per GB $10 per GB

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Aussie Broadband ABN 29132090192 acts as a reseller and uses part of the 4G and 3G mobile network and capabilities of Telstra Corporation Limited (ABN 33 051 775 556) to provide our mobile services.

Aussie Broadband Mobile Phone Plan Coverage map

Take a look at the map below to see our mobile network’s coverage.

Real reviews we've received from our customers

“The lightning quick speeds blow me away. amazing.”

Collon Cox

“The only ISP I’ll ever deal with if I can help it!”


“Actual technical support not script robots.”


“Best Aussie telco hands down.”

J Awkland

“They are the best in the market in my opinion, which matters by the way.”

J s

“Aussie Broadband are The Best. Seriously.”


“Without a doubt simply the best customer service and nbn™ connection.”


“Honestly, don’t bother looking elsewhere.”

Matthew Daf Jones

“This is what service should be like.”

Patrick Brierley

“Can’t beat the Australian customer service.”

Phil C

“I never thought I’d love an internet provider.”


“Aussie Broadband has restored my faith that customer service still exists.”

Ross Marshall

“A shining light in the internet field!”


“I am now getting the best speed I have ever had on nbn™ Fixed Wireless.”


“Best ISP out there.”


“These guys are brilliant, don’t waste your time with others.”


“I’m a fussy, knowledgeable, gamer geek who demands a perfect ISP, and I think I’ve found one!”

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