Aussie Broadband releases its CVC graphs

March 19th, 2018.

Aussie Broadband has followed up on its promise to introduce an unprecedented level of transparency around its network management.

The ISP has published a new “network” section on its website, complete with graphs that show traffic levels on all 121 NBN Points of Interconnect.

Managing Director Phillip Britt had flagged the move before Christmas as a means of providing customers with evidence about the way Aussie manages its network to avoid congestion.

“It’s really part of our “no bullsh*t approach to things,” he said.  “We’ve been providing CVC graphs for a while to answer individual queries about levels of traffic management; this just makes the whole process public, visible and ongoing.

“Anyone with concerns about congestion in their area can immediately take a look at the traffic on their Point of Interconnect for the past 24 hours and see whether there were any issues with the Aussie network.

“If you don’t know what POI you’re on, you can either use our POI checker or the web page will automatically detect your IP address and bring up the relevant graph for you.  You can also choose to look at any of the other POI graphs from across Australia.”

The network section of the website includes not only CVC graphs, but also ping times across Australia and to some international destinations, network and upgrade plans, and links to outage notifications.

Phil said Aussie Broadband’s average CVC per user is now a minimum of 1.95Mbps, compared with the industry average of 1.52Mbits reported in December by the ACCC Market Indicators report.

“We’ve built a reputation on managing our network to avoid congestion, including putting stop-sells in areas where we are waiting for more backhaul capacity to be provisioned,” said Phil.

“This seems like the logical next step in providing customers with more information at their fingertips about what is happening behind the scenes with their internet.

“If they’re experiencing congestion and they can see there is none on their CVC graph, it can help narrow things down to perhaps a local wifi interference issue, or an NBN network issue.

“Publishing the graphs is similar in concept to our no-contract policy – we believe in our product, and we’re prepared to be upfront with customers about the quality they can expect from us.”

The new network hub can be found at:


MEDIA PLEASE NOTE: For enquiries please contact Katrina Salhioui on 0448 110 962.

Navigation links on the Aussie Broadband website to the network hub will go live from 9.30am Monday 19 March.