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Monday 23 Mar 2020 | 1 min read

Customer support during a difficult time

A man and a woman in a customer support centre

Today is a changed world and we’re not going to waffle on. Here’s what you need to know about how we’re providing customer support:

Online via MyAussie®

Please (please, please) use the free MyAussie® app or portal as your first port of call for customer service wherever possible. It’s a great little tool built by our development team, and you can use it to:

  • Test your connection (in multiple ways)

  • Log a fault

  • Set up a payment plan

  • Check your usage

  • Change or add services

If you haven’t used MyAussie® yet:

By Telephone or LiveChat

Not surprisingly, demand for customer support is very high. We’re seeing wait times vary anywhere between 1 – 30 minutes. Over the next 24 hours, we’re shifting even more of our staff to working-from-home arrangements, which may also affect queue wait times.

Please be patient with our lovely team, and keep in mind that if the queue is over 5 minutes, you can request a call back. You will keep your position in the queue and you will receive a call back from one of our team when you reach the top.

Our team are also working hard on LiveChat and social media, but these are not always the best ways to help you.

NBN Appointments

We’re in close contact with NBN and we know they’re doing their absolute best. Some appointment times, particularly for new connections, are blowing out and again we ask for your patience here.

Our Network Capacity

Our network team are continuing to keep an eagle eye on our capacity. Our network is already built to cope with peak demands, and we’re adding the extra 40% bandwidth generously provided last week by NBN.

We’re here to help

This is a damn difficult situation. We understand what it’s like to feel worried, uncertain and stressed, because we’re in it with you.

We also understand that the internet is likely to become an even more critical part of your life in the next few weeks. We can’t predict everything, but we can tell you we’re moving fast, working hard and above all, we’re here to help, as much as we possibly can.

To download the MyAussie® app, follow these links:

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