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Thursday 2 Mar 2023 | 1 min read

Why your business needs a static IP address

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Our business internet plans all come with a free static IP address. Here's why:

There's never been a better time to start a business. After all, there are plenty of businesses you can start and run from the comfort of your home. And all you need to get started is the internet and a device that connects to it. But one thing most home internet connections don’t come with, but is invaluable to businesses, is a static IP address. 

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In this article, we’ll show you how your business will benefit from a static IP address.

What is a static IP address? 

A static IP address is a permanent Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to your device by your network. This differs from a dynamic IP address, where your network assigns your device a different IP address each time it connects.

So why is the consistency of a static IP important for businesses?  

Here are four reasons your business will benefit from a static IP address.

What is the benefit of a static IP Address when working from home?

If you're working on your business from home, a static IP helps boost your business's online credentials. 

  • Remote access: Flexible working is here to stay. Your employees expect to be able to work from home (or anywhere they want).  You can set up remote access to your business's network with a static IP. With remote access, your employees can connect to your business's network as they would if they were in the office. That’s especially true if you need staff to connect to a network device, such as a remote desktop or Virtual Private Network (VPN), since they need an IP address to access. A static IP ensures you can set your staff up to work remotely without impacting their - and your business's - productivity. It also means you can confidently hire fully remote staff from anywhere in the world - without worrying about location or IP address issues.

  • Security: There shouldn't be a trade-off between the freedom of working remotely and your business's cyber security. A static IP address will help protect your business against cyber-attacks. With a static IP, you can create and manage firewalls and other security measures. If you're using a dynamic IP address, you may need to reconfigure your security settings every time your IP address changes. And cybercriminals only need a split second to exploit your lack of security. So the fewer changes you need to make, the better. With a static IP address, you only need to configure your security settings once. Once you've secured your business, your static IP will protect you.

  • Hassle-free hosting: A static IP address is essential to hosting your website or blog. Through your static IP, your website and email stay consistently available to customers. This will ensure your prospects, customers, and team can always access your website without interruption

  • Improve your online reputation Online services such as email providers see the presence of a static IP as a marker of a business's reputation. If you send business emails from a device with a static IP, they’re less likely to go to the recipients’ spam folders. So if you're reaching out to prospects, communicating with your clients or sending promotional sales emails, you'll get better results with a static IP. Search engines such as Google love static IP addresses for the same reason. So the consistent, unchanging nature of a static IP address is a factor in determining website rankings.


How to get a static IP address

At Aussie Broadband, we believe every business should have a static IP address. That's why we've included one free with all our business nbn® plans.

And that's not all. Our business plans also include business-dedicated support from our 100% Australian-based team.

So if you're ready to take the plunge and get your business off the ground, check out our range of business nbn® plans here. And if you need help finding the right plan for your business, speak to our team. Our expert business telco consultants can recommend a plan based on your business goals and how you use the internet. Give them a call on 1300 480 905.

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