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IPv6 setup guide:

What is IPv6? (Internet Protocol version 6)

IPv6 is the successor to the current standard used for the internet IPv4.

IP is an address on a network/internet. IPv4 has 3,706,452,992 public addresses. This may sound like a lot but when you add up all the computers, servers and devices plus large quantities that were sold to companies like apple and HP in the early days of the internet.

At this current point in time most of the IP addresses available have been used up and getting more is very costly and requires a lot of work to do.

IPv6 has 3.4×10^38 possible addresses to use. It is estimated there is not enough room on earth for the amount of devices to use all the addresses available.

IPv6 also has some new and advanced features that will improve the performance of the internet in many ways.

Why IPv6? (Internet Protocol version 6)

– IPv4 addresses are running out and to purchase more is very expensive.

– The internet is starting to make big moves to support IPv6. Currently, it is estimated 25% of devices also support IPv6. The majority of these will be servers providing websites and service.

Changing Netcomm routers to Dynamic IPv6 route:

Login via

Input your router username (admin) and router password (back of your router)

Select “Internet”

Select “Connection Type” (VDSL for FTTN, ETH WAN for everything else)

Select “More Options”

Go to IP Protocol

Click on IPv4/IPv6

Enable DHCPv6 (IANA)

Enable DHCPv6 (IAPD)

Select Update

DNS settings: – 2403:5800:100:1::142 – 2403:5800:1:5::242

Netgear Routers:

Changing Netgear routers to Dynamic IPv6 route:

Select advanced setup & IPv6

Set DHCP to use the DHCP server under ‘Internet Connection Type’

Asus Modems:


Connection Type: Native

DHCP-PD: Enabled

Auto Configuration Setting: Stateless

Connect to DNS Server Automatically: Enabled

Enable Router Advertisement: Enable


Reboot the modem and the IPv6 settings should automatically propagate once connection is established.

*IPv6 Open Beta Opt In*

Aussie Broadband is currently working on testing and deploying an IPv6 solution that is currently in open beta. You can sign up to this using the below link for those who want to help test this feature.

Disclaimer: IPv6 is currently available in Beta testing only. Beta means that this feature is not supported by Customer Service. For troubleshooting, please visit our Whirlpool forums

Please note: IPv6 is not currently available for OptiComm services.

Click here to join our IPv6 Beta program

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