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No matter what industry you’re in, our award-winning nbn™ will change the way you do business

Home Office

Priority Service

Running your business from home shouldn’t leave you feeling left out when it comes to that little bit of extra support that every business needs. We’ll give you the power to troubleshoot and diagnose any issues with your nbn™ thanks to our MyAussie app, with priority ticket handling over our normal home internet plans.

Upload speeds

When you work from home, cloud applications will help you access everything from video calling to accounting software with ease. High upload speeds on the nbn™ will save you from waiting half a day to upload large files to the cloud, so that you can get busy generating new business instead.

Remote access from anywhere

You’ll be able to safely and securely access the files from your home office computer wherever you go, thanks to the Static IP address that is included on all our small business nbn™ plans.



You don’t have time to wait on hold when you’re busy serving customers in store. Our MyAussie app gives you instant access to testing and troubleshooting for your internet connection when you need it.

Power your customer experience

Keep up with the big players by using your high-speed internet to power your website and online store, then overtake them with more personalized customer service through instant live chat and social media - all thanks to your nbn™ connection.

Static IP

Give yourself peace of mind with our included Static IP address, which you can use to easily access your store’s security camera or CCTV - no matter where you are checking in from.


Cut down on office time

You didn’t start your business to spend half the time doing paperwork. High speed internet will cut down your office time when you’re processing invoices, ordering supplies online and paying your suppliers, so you can focus on getting more customers in the door.

Find new customers

Your customers are looking online for local tradies, so save them a call with your business email address. Our plans include a Static IP to host your email servers, so that you’ll be able to connect with your customers in more places than before.

Straight-talking support team

You don’t need to be tech savvy to make the most of your nbn™ connection. Our friendly, Australian based support team have got your back.

Professional Services

Productivity plus

With a higher speed plan on the nbn™, your whole team will be able to access the internet and download/upload large files simultaneously, with one less bottleneck to hold your team back.

Static IP

A static IP address is included in your nbn™ plan, allowing your whole team to access important tools such as a file server, work printer or their work email address remotely - even when they’re out of the office.

Phone systems

Combine your nbn™ plan with one of our flexible hosted phone systems to complete your office’s telco needs and ensure that the right person in your office gets the right call, every time.


Cloud Control

With higher internet speeds on the nbn™, you’ll be able to make the switch to powerful and affordable cloud applications, giving you the ability to work more flexibly and access business information instantly, wherever you are.

Priority Service

Our friendly, Australian based customer support team won’t give you the run-around with scripted service. You’ll also get the power to troubleshoot and diagnose any issues with your nbn™ thanks to our MyAussie app, with priority ticket handling over our residential internet plans.

No lock-in contracts

Say goodbye to long, drawn out contracts for your internet with our nbn™ plans. We believe our service is so good that you won’t want to go anywhere else.

All of our nbn™ plans come with these great features:

  • 7 days per week support

    Support when you need it from staff based here in Australia, so you will never speak to an overseas call centre.

  • No excess data charges

    No-one likes nasty surprises, so we don’t charge excess data fees on any of our plans

  • Priority ticket handling

    Priority service from our 100% Australian support team to help your business excel.

  • Fast, easy setup

    Have a hassle-free setup with step-by-step instructions for your new connection.

  • Included Static IP

    Get a business range static IP with the ability to update reverse DNS in our business subnets.

  • No lock-in contracts

    We don’t offer contracts because we believe our service is so good you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Available upgrade:
Install fibre direct to your site with nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

Need more than nbn™ 100/40 speeds for your nbn™ business plan? Not a problem with Aussie Broadband. 9/10 businesses across Australia can access a $0 upgrade* to high-speed fibre with our nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet service.

  • $0 fibre install*, direct to your site

    Upgrade your current nbn™ technology to fibre with a $0 installation only on our nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet plans.

  • Access nbn™ 1000/1000 symmetrical plans

    Power your Cloud, video, business phone systems, business automation, and data services all on one fast, seamless connection.

  • Prioritise bandwidth for business-critical data

    Complete flexibility to scale your bandwidth to suit your growing business internet requirements.

Live locally, work globally

Discover how nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet helped a regional business connect with clients around the world.

*$0 fibre install subject to a service qualification check and only available with our nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet plans on a 36 month contract.

Real reviews we've received from our customers

Their exemplary personalised service, their technical knowledge and their help when we are in a sticky situation has kept us coming back.

  • industryAgriculture, wine
  • business name919 Wines
  • servicesInternet | Network

I have been extremely happy with Aussie Broadband. Dealing with Australians – in Australia, who understand my needs.

  • industryAuction Business
  • business nameAccess Auctioneers
  • servicesInternet | Network | Mobile

They just seem to get the fact that we need their services working for our business to run, and they continue to deliver!

  • industrySoftware Development and support
  • business nameAccrivia
  • servicesInternet | Voice

I need to recommend the best possible products to my customers, and for me, Aussie Broadband is now the only company I use and recommend.

  • industryTechnology Services / Development
  • business nameComplete IT Services
  • servicesInternet | Network | Voice

Aussie Broadband are a first class Aussie company, with great products and good value for money.

  • industryTechnology Services / Development
  • business nameFastbrick Engineering
  • servicesInternet

Excellent company doing really good things in the way we connect with the world, very proud customer!

  • industryTechnology Services / Development
  • business nameiResult Connextions
  • servicesInternet | Network | Voice

This is a provider that thinks outside the box and has an awesome network to deliver a reliable service to Australia. Why anyone is still using Telstra is beyond me.

  • industryAccounting, Business Advice, Superfund management, bookkeeping, IT management, tax auditing
  • business nameLincolns
  • servicesInternet | Network

No pushy sales, just honest and helpful answers. A great experience.

  • industryCommunity Radio Station
  • business nameLoving Life FM
  • servicesInternet | Network

It just works, day after day after day! Exactly what we need to run our business.

  • industryRetail
  • business namePort Albert General Store
  • servicesInternet | Network | Voice

Fast painless setup, and a network that just works for business.

  • industryEngineering
  • business nameProMet101 Consulting
  • servicesInternet | Network | Voice

Aussie Broadband provides my business with awesome service when I need it.

  • industryEducation & Training - Private
  • business nameSafe Freight Networks Australia
  • servicesNetwork

Their network is reliable, but it’s their customer service and communication that makes them different from other ISPs.

  • industryITC Support and supply for Businesses
  • business nameSouth West Fuel Centre
  • servicesInternet | Network | Voice | Mobile

Reliable from start to finish.

  • industrySupport/advice for IT and other technical solutions
  • business nameSYSTECH
  • servicesInternet | Network

Totally satisfied with their service, ease of communication, and friendly staff who are always extremely helpful.

  • industrySecurity installers
  • business nameWonthaggi Electronics
  • servicesInternet | Network | Voice

2500+ 5 star reviews

Check the nbn™ availability at your address now

To verify whether you can get the nbn™ at your business, and to see what speed is available, simply enter your details into the search box below and one of our team will be in contact.

2000+ 5 star reviews

If you would prefer not to be called by us but would like to check your address, we recommend visiting our nbn™ rollout map.

Frequently asked questions about our nbn™ plans

Are there connection fees or charges?

We do not have any standard connection fees for our nbn™ services. If you are in a new housing development or opt to have a new line connected you may be liable for an additional charge as dictated by the nbn™. This will be displayed before confirming your order.

What hardware do I need for the nbn™?

Depending on the location, nbn™ uses a mix of technologies to connect to the nbn™ broadband access network. Some devices will need to be registered with nbn™ directly such as medical alarms, monitored fire alarms, and lift emergency phones. Other devices to consider are security systems, fax and teletypewriter devices, EFTPOS terminals, health claim terminals, and existing landline phone services. To register your devices visit the nbn™ website.

How does the nbn™ installation work?

If there has been a previous nbn™ connection at your premises the standard time frame is 1-5 business days and there will be no additional work required by a technician. If your address has not been connected to nbn™ before the standard time frame can be anywhere up to 20 business days and is dependent on your nbn™ access technology type and technician availability. Your nbn™ access technology will determine the exact method of installation for your technician.

For connections to premises that are already connected to the nbn™ via FTTN/B or HFC technology there may be a small period of downtime when switching providers.
For connections to premises that are already connected to the nbn™ via FTTP or Fixed Wireless technology, another port on the already installed network termination device will be activated in addition to any other active ports, so there should be no down time.

For connections to premises that have not yet connected to the nbn™ via FTTN/B or HFC technology there may be a small period of downtime when connecting.
For connections to premises that have not yet connected to the nbn™ via FTTP or Fixed Wireless technology, new infrastructure will be installed which will not interrupt your current service.

What is a static IP Address?

A Static IP address is a fixed address that is assigned to a device by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). These IP addresses do not change, which means that other devices will be able to find and connect to the device easily.

By using a Static IP address, your business can utilise file hosting on a network server, access printers over the network, host a website or email server for your business, and even set up remote access to your network when you’re away from the office.

Why we’ve chosen to offer unlimited nbn™ plans

In April 2018, we made the decision to offer unlimited plans due to new CVC bandwidth prices given by nbn™Co. to internet service providers (ISPs). Before these new bandwidth amounts were offered, ISPs offering unlimited plans were a large cause of the congestion issues many Australian businesses faced, and we refused to provide our customers with a negative experience by being part of the problem.

Now, we are able to offer two unlimited nbn™ business plans that will not increase congestion on our networks, ensuring our customers receive the quality internet speeds and service that we are known for.

To read more information on why we made the change to unlimited nbn™ plans, check out our article here.

Confused? Have questions? Call our Australian based support team who will answer any questions and walk you though every step of the signup process. Call now: 1300 880 905