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See our network performance first-hand

In the spirit of our “no bullsh*t” approach to business, we’re aiming to make our network performance as transparent as possible.

Below, you can find links to a whole range of information and real-time – or close to real-time – data on our network.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see on these pages, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Learn more about our network

  • CVC Graphs

    Check out how much Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) capacity is available on the POI (Point of Interconnect) that you’re connected to.

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  • POI checker

    Check which of the 121 nbn™ POIs (Points of Interconnect) around Australia that you are connected to.

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  • Network map

    See a map of our current network across Australia that sits behind our nbn™ services.

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  • Ping times

    Check out our ping times page and see how long it currently takes to ping selected locations across Australia and the world.

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  • System outages

    We provide up-to-date information on any outages affecting our network.

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  • Upgrade Schedule

    Check out our POI upgrade schedule.

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