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Accounts and Billing

How do I update my payment details?

Last Updated: Monday 26 Feb 2024

You can update billing details – like Credit or Debit card payments or Direct Debit – in two ways: by using the MyAussie® app or web portal.  

If you’re not able to log into MyAussie®, or if you wish to call us about these changes, we can send you a one-time link (via SMS or email) to a secure page where you can change your account's payment information. This usually takes us only a few minutes to organise over the phone.  

You can get in touch with our friendly Australian-based Customer Service team by calling 1300 880 905.  


Updating payment details in MyAussie® 

  1. Open the MyAussie® app on your device, or log in from a web browser here. The following steps will work on both the app and web portal.

  2. Once you're logged in, select the service you wish to change, then tap or click the Billing tab.  

  3. Next, tap or click the pencil icon next to Payment Method to proceed.  

  4. Then, on the following page tap or click Update Credit Card to add card details to your account.  

    Screenshots of the MyAussie app/website showing the 'Billing' page. There is a button with a red box highlighting a section with 'Payment Method' information, such as the first and last 4 digits of a saved card number. There is a pencil button next to 'Payment Method' and this button is for editing these details. On the right is the 'Update Payment Method' page, with fields to enter card or bank account information. There is a button at the bottom that says 'Update'.
    Alternatively, you can fill out your Account Name, BSB and Account number to add a direct debit method instead.  

  5. Check the details you've entered are correct, then click or tap Update to save your changes. 

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