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What compensation is offered for outages?

Last Updated: Tuesday 27 Feb 2024

If you’re experiencing service difficulties such as dropouts or an outage, please reach out to let us know.

We recommend either raising a fault in MyAussie® or calling 1300 880 905 to speak to our Customer Service team.

Aussie Broadband’s compensation policy applies to unplanned outages and faults where services have been disrupted for at least two days from the time of first contact in regard to the fault. Faults lasting for an extended time may also qualify for ongoing compensation.

We don't like outages either.

All services need maintenance from time to time to ensure they are operating at optimal levels. That's why we try to keep these maintenance windows brief and during the late night/early morning times where possible.

However, at times our maintenance needs to be run during daylight hours for the health and safety of the technicians attending the site. We do our best to minimise downtime when this occurs so that the least possible users are affected by the interruption.

We are continually improving our redundancy model to help us further reduce periods of interruption. If you'd like to know more, you can read about the importance of network redundancy.

When is compensation added?

You can start your request for compensation by contacting our Customer Service team from MyAussie® or over the phone. We will note down your request on an existing fault from when your issue was first identified.

Compensation is typically not added until we have achieved a resolution with your service fully restored. We do this so we can figure up the proper compensation amount for the total disruption time. There may be cases with longstanding faults where compensation is applied intermittently.

For us to assess compensation, we need to have had reasonable opportunity to get your service back online.

We provide compensation relative to the cost of your loss of Aussie Broadband services only. Unfortunately, we're unable to reimburse the cost of any third-party alternatives (such as dongle/hot-spot usage).

General/Area-wide Outages

We assess compensation on a case-by-case basis for faults with a disruption to services for at least two days

Service Level Agreements - also known as a 'support pack' - are available for business services, which offer varying levels of cover for network outages.

Maintenance and Other Outages

Some interruptions to your connection are sadly outside of our control, such as those caused by NBN/OptiComm scheduled maintenance or hardware/wiring faults inside a customer’s property.

We're unable to offer compensation for these situations outside of our control, but we will still continue to provide the most support that we can during those times.

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