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Bereavement Support

We’re sorry for your loss and we would like to make it as easy as possible for you to manage their account.

How to close an account and/or transfer ownership of an account

If you’re seeking to be appointed to an account after the primary account holder has passed away or you need to close the account, please contact our customer service team either by calling 1300 880 905 or through email at [email protected] and our team will do their best to assist you during this time.

When contacting us, please have the primary account holder’s phone number or account number ready, as well as their:

  • Full name
  • Home address

Who should contact us?

The person contacting us should be an authorised representative of the deceased. This includes:

  • an executor, administrator or trustee of the deceased’s estate
  • a lawyer or solicitor administering the will
  • next of kin (includes an immediate family member, e.g. parent, son/daughter, sister/brother, grandchild, surviving spouse or guardian over the age of 18).

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