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Do I need to contact my previous provider?

Yes, we recommend contacting them AFTER your service with us is up and running. This will give you the least downtime possible.

Will my previous provider automatically cancel my services?

Do not rely on your previous provider cancelling the service on your behalf. You should contact your previous provider to officially close the account with them.

Do other ISP’s charge any fees to close my account now that my service is with Aussie Broadband?

Other ISP’s may have charges associated with closing your account. Here’s a few that you need to be aware of:

  • Contract Fees – If you are still in a contract with your previous ISP, then you may be required to pay a fee to end the term of the contract early. Please check with your previous provider if you are in a contract, and the penalty fee for ending the contract early. The fee for breaking the contract may vary from ISP and amount of days left in your contract.
  • Pro-Rata Billing – Some companies allow you to cancel your service whenever and others may require 30 days’ notice. It’s recommended to research the cancellation process with your other provider prior to switching your service. Service transfers for pre-existing nbn™ connections are generally fast so you can usually end your service at the end of the billing cycle with them and start it with us on the same day. If you are transferring from ADSL or cable to nbn™, this may take additional days so it’s best to wait until the next service is up and running before cancelling your existing service.
  • Email – If you wish to keep an email address with a previous provider, then you should inform them when closing your service. There may be additional charges to retaining email addresses. Each provider may be different, but a ballpark figure might be $10 a month paid to your previous provider. We do offer email addresses or you can choose to have a Gmail address that is unattached to your service provider.

Always check on your previous provider’s cancellation policy and contact them to close the account. This way you will not receive any surprise bills later on.

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