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What can an advocate and an authorised contact do on an account?


An advocate is someone that you nominate on your account that can speak to us on your behalf. They cannot make any changes to the account without the primary account holder being present and agreeing.

Types of Advocates:

An advocate may be an interpreter, an IT/Technical specialist, a financial counsellor, a legal aid representative, a friend/family member or someone else you choose to use.

What can an Advocate do?
With the primary account holder present, advocates can make any changes to the account OTHER THAN:

  • Close a service
  • Open a service
  • Relocate a service
  • Add an authorised contact

An advocate can also help troubleshoot connection difficulties, relay information to you and discuss financial matters. Advocate can take no action or even discuss an account without the presence and permission of the primary account holder.

Please note: In the case where the primary account holder requires sign language (Auslan) interpreter or another case where the primary account holder is unable to speak directly to us to give permission, we require 3 points of ID from the primary account holder in order to confirm permission of advocate. Please email [email protected] for more information.

How do I use an advocate

To work with us using an advocate on your account, simply call us on 1300 880 905 and mention you wish to use an advocate for the call. You can also ask for a note about your advocate to be added to your account for future reference. (note – this does not give your advocate any authority to act without your presence).

Authorised Contacts:

An authorised contact is someone that you nominate on your account to speak to us on your behalf. Authorised contacts can make changes to the account without you being present.

Types of Authorised Contacts:

An authorised contact is likely to be a family member, a partner, a flatmate, a legal representative (eg power of attorney, guardian, executor of estate, etc), or long-term carer. They can be temporary or permanent.

Authorised contacts may do the following without a primary account holder present:

  • Any troubleshooting
  • Make payment
  • Purchase devices or agree to loan devices (such as a router or an ATA)
  • Adjust the plan including adding data or changing speed tiers.

Authorised contacts cannot do any of the following:

  • Add a service
  • Close a service
  • Relocate a service
  • Add an authorised contact

Authorised contacts identification process:

An authorised contact must identify themselves with 3 points of ID when calling, as we do with all customers that call. These ID points should be their own, but it can also include the primary account holder’s information.

How do I add an authorised contact to my account?

To assign an authorised contact to your account, please either log into your MyAussie or speak to our customer service team by calling 1300 880 905. Instructions for adding an authorised contact via your MyAussie can be found here.

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