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Can I get help setting up my self-installation kit?

Last Updated: Wednesday 26 Apr 2023

If your address is FTTC or HFC and is classified by nbn® as a ‘Self Installation Address’, the customer can instead opt for a nbn® Professional Installation and have a technician attend their premise to complete the installation. The technician will come to the site and install the nbn® equipment on behalf of the customer.

nbn® charges a cost of $165 (including GST) for this, and if requested, will be charged through Aussie Broadband on behalf of NBN. The customer has to agree to this fee before the order/installation can proceed.

If you’d like to check if you’re able to ask for a Professional Installation, please chat to our friendly Australian-based team on 1300 880 905.

Note: the visiting technician is only responsible for nbn® equipment and may not be able to help with the customer’s own modem/router or other equipment.

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