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Does Aussie Broadband operate its own internet network?

Last Updated: Monday 13 Nov 2023

Aussie Broadband does not borrow its framework for broadband internet services from any other internet service providers. We are our own network carrier by definition as we operate our own national networks for the purposes detailed below on this page.

(Note: for our mobile services, we resell the Optus 5G and 4G mobile network. For more information about our mobile network coverage, check out our "Mobile coverage and speed" article.)

We have our own fibre connections that link to internet exchange points in Singapore and the USA, which boosts download and upload speeds for our users by shortening the distance that data needs to travel. We also lend our services Australia-wide through our wholesale partners.

Additionally, we have more of these dedicated links to all of the nbn® points of interconnect (known as POIs), meaning we can control the bandwidth and capacity – which we can vary on demand to meet demand during busy times.

With our dedicated team of network engineers monitoring the back haul around the clock, making changes to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

We’ve also rolled out our own Aussie Fibre infrastructure, which is a dedicated high-bandwidth network completely independent from nbn® and OptiComm.

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