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Fetch Cable Set up Guide

Last Updated: Friday 28 Apr 2023

This is the Fetch cable setup configuration guide that will help with plugging in your Fetch. The images below are taken of the back of a Fetch Mighty (on top) and the Fetch Mini (below).

A Fetch box showing where all of the cables should be plugged in

What’s included with Fetch?

You will find the following in the box provided with your Mighty or Mini:

1. A power cable for your Fetch device
2. An HDMI cable to connect Fetch to your Television
3. The remote

Note The following items are not included with your Fetch. They are optional and not required.

Optional Extras that you may wish to purchase:

Coaxial cable – For existing connections, simply unplug the coax from the back of your Television and into your Fetch box in the antenna input. Fetch will supply your free to air channels to your television.

Optical cable – you may choose to upgrade from your HDMI to an optical cable for the best resolution. Please ensure that your television has an optical cable input before purchasing from your local store.

Ethernet cable – you may wish to run a cable from your router directly to your Fetch device. A yellow or blue ethernet cable will do the job perfectly if you experience WiFi issues and your Fetch is relatively close to your router.
Again, these are optional extras that are not included with the Fetch devices. All cables can be found at your local hardware or electronics store.

To connect Fetch:

Step 1: Plug the aerial/coax into the antenna input.

Step 2:  Plug the HDMI cable in the HDMI output (or the optional Optical) into the Fetch. The other end should be plugged into an input on your television. Note: You only need either the HDMI or the Optical. You do not need both.

Step 3:
Plug the power into the red power input and the other end into a power point or surge protector.

Congrats, the cable configuration is complete!

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