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Fetch Free-to-Air Troubleshooting tips

Last Updated: Friday 28 Apr 2023

If the aerial is connected correctly and you’re still experiencing issues with free-to-air channels, then the problem may be that the signal is weak in your area.

But, it works fine on my TV.

This is a common complaint. The weak signal strength is fine going directly to a single TV tuner. However, the Fetch mighty, for example, has 4 tuners. This means the weak signal is being broken down even further across 4 tuners.

What can I do to fix the problem?

Your best bet is to call a professional TV or Aerial technician. There are a number of reasons that may be causing your weak signal strength and they will be able to run a series of tests to find the culprit.

Some reasons for a weak signal include:

  • Your antenna. They may be able to make a small adjustment to your antenna to restore your signal strength.

  • They can determine the signal strength in your area and install a signal booster if needed.

  • They can ensure your devices are set up properly.

TV signals closely resemble light waves. So, objects like hills, buildings, and tall trees can obstruct or even deflect the signals to create deep areas of little to no reception. This is very common and items like signal boosters can help.

Signal amplifiers and their accompanying power injectors, when installed correctly, are usually located in your roof, near the antenna. These are located away from your television to reduce the risk of interference affecting your devices. It’s a good idea to seek out a professional TV technician to get the best results.

What if the signal booster causes TV interference?

You may be able to solve this problem by using another device such as a DVD player.

Fetch free to air troubleshooting diagram

In this scenario, you will want to plug the aerial cable from your wall directly into the DVD player RF IN. Then, you will need to take a second aerial cable and connect it to the DVD player’s RF OUT to your Fetch box’s RF IN. Then, connect your Fetch box to your television like normal. This will help reduce interference. If you’re still having trouble, call a professional TV technician to determine what’s causing the interference and how to remove it.

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