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How to enable Border Gateway Protocol routing

Last Updated: Monday 21 Aug 2023

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is like the street directory for data over the internet. When a packet of data is submitted from one destination, BGP is responsible for processing that data packet and routing it via the most optimal path across autonomous systems to its destination.

We offer Default Gateway as a single announcement of the network (IPv4) and ::/0 (IPv6) to your Aussie Broadband Internet service as well as domestic and full route tables. Please consider before submitting to Aussie Broadband that your APNIC account has an up-to-date route origin record.

Please send us your BGP routing requests on a signed formal letterhead to the following email address [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Company Name

  2. Your Aussie Broadband account & service number

  3. Autonomous System (AS) number

  4. A list of the networks you wish to announce to Aussie Broadband in CIDR format (ie. x.x.x.x/x)

  5. Default Gateway, domestic or full route table

Note: Aussie Broadband direct AS number is 4764.

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